Mexico Wedding Photo Diary Part Two

A side trip to Tulum involving Mayan ruins and aquamarine ocean that must be part of some secret blanket Photoshop program that affects everyone within a mile of the coast. Clearly no water can actually be that color.

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Leopard, Magenta and Red in the Woods

Dear Shen Dove,

It’s still summer in North Carolina, still mild and the leaves aren’t on the ground yet. I flew south for the winter for a wedding and this was my traveling outfit. Picture it at LaGuardia at 6am (with an oxblood jacket). Totally ridiculous, but I’m sure you’re not surprised.

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Leopard for Lucky FABB

Dear Dotty,

So tired! Next season remind me not to go to any more 8 a.m. conferences. I have a hard time enjoying them when they start that early. I think I’d get a lot more out of a conference that started at nine rather than eight. …

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