FNO Photo Diary

Outside Saks, destination #2 of the night. I briefly stopped at Henri Bendel, which was far too crowded. Nothing too special about this outfit, just one of my standard monochrome creations. I love this skirt and probably wear it too much. One day it’s just going to completely fall apart.

Laugh Cry Repeat shirt | Gap skirt/Tokyo Joe | Target belt | DV by Dolce Vita shoes (currently 40% off at 6pm.com)| B Makowsky bag | by boe bracelet | photos: Nnenna

Nnenna in the middle of the Helmut Lang racks at Saks, where I paused us so I could look at new fall pieces. I completely forgot Anna Wintour and Oscar de la Renta were going to be there and we had a huge fashion moment when Anna Wintour stepped off the elevator, turned, and looked directly at us with none of her security in the way. We sort of chased her into the accessories department, where Nnenna got a better photo than I did (so you should go see hers).

Nnenna and me in the mirror at Arrojo! After Saks we took the train downtown to meet some of our blogger friends for the Socialyte FNO event.

We had our hair done while sipping cocktails made with Stoli Salted Karamel. If my hair ever gets long enough I’d love to do cool braids like this. I’m so desperately overdue for a cut right now.

It’s kind of a tradition for me to creep on whatever accessories Chris is wearing. Isn’t this belt amazing?

Portrait (but zeroing in on the accessories, of course).

Ashley, Nnenna, and Tessa.

A very dark photo of Nicole and Ashley. I have some silly friends. By 9pm we were starving, so we went for Thai before continuing on to the Socialyte afterparty at RSVP.

Nnenna and I had to walk back through SoHo to get the train, which honestly… I won’t be doing again. I felt that parts of SoHo were definitely unsafe last year, and this year was even worse. Next year I’m just going to avoid the area.


  1. says

    Oh Alex, you look stunning. You are one of my fave blogs to visit bc you always look so chic! Funny enough, I saw Anna Wintour last FNO. She really makes the rounds. It’s always exciting to catch a glimpse of fashion royalty.

  2. Delayed Missives says

    Star-crossed smile Weird. I’m actually not sure if it alerts me either, but I think I haven’t been tagged in like 5 months… hahahahhaa.

  3. says

    Looks like a fun night out except for the walking in obscure parts of Soho. Wished that CT had some special events similar to NY – but alas I will just live vicariously through you photos :)