Stripes, Pink, and Black

Dear Nnenna,

There were a few very very nice days over the weekend. Nice enough for just my faux-shearling jacket and no wool coat. I didn’t even feel cool when I took it off, although I’m positive I frightened the neighbors off again. The children are never scared, though. They just stare at me puzzledly. …

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A Halfway Decent Twirl Photo for Once

January 6, 2012
Dear Silvergirl,

Have you worn your pink skirt yet? It twirls so well! However, the stripes of my shirt are definitely visible through it in some photos (eek!), so beware of patterns.

I caught the light at such a beautiful time. The sunsets have been really nice lately, so I’ve taken to walking around 5 or so most days. Well, at least as long as the weather permits.

I’m wearing my Ann Taylor shirt, Old Navy skirt, Forever 21 belt, Betsey Johnson tights, Stuart Weitzman Forsure pumps.


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Stripes and Leather

Dear Kelsey,

Lately I’ve been playing with props in my photos, like the leaf in my hair and the leaves in my face. Then I decided a tree branch would make an appearance, except it wouldn’t go in my hair so I didn’t know what to do with it.

So this is my new striped shirt. I now own two! I got one from a swap, and this one is from Ann Taylor during a ridiculously good sale. $6 well spent. I’m also wearing my ancient Talbots scarf, Gap skirt, and Jeffrey Campbell boots (other colors).

I can’t believe how long the warm weather’s been holding, but I’m definitely enjoying it!


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