West Village: Anthropologie Mural Maxi Dress | Outfits

vanessa virginia anthropologie mural maxi dress on the street in the west village

Dear Chrissy,

Like many other things in New York, I’m involved in a love/hate relationship with the Anthropologie Mural Maxi Dress by Vanessa Virginia. Well, maybe not love/hate. Maybe it’s more like love/ehh.

Things I love about this dress include the pattern, the colors and the fact that it’s a long dress that has sleeves.

Thing I don’t like so much? The length, which kind of hits me in an awkward place. And the fact that the dress is so recognizable– I’ve seen it on the street on two different women in the past month. …

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Black and Silver in Black and White

Dear Brett,

Well, you know I like to wear black in the winter, and it is definitely still winter in New York. You may not know that I once thought of composing this blog entirely of black and white photos. I still think it would be awesome, but it’s too limiting for me so I’ll stick to the occasional monochrome post.

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