Black and Silver in Black and White

Dear Brett,

Well, you know I like to wear black in the winter, and it is definitely still winter in New York. You may not know that I once thought of composing this blog entirely of black and white photos. I still think it would be awesome, but it’s too limiting for me so I’ll stick to the occasional monochrome post.

I’ve heard that it’s been warming up in other places, so I’m happy that at least you’ll get a spring. I’m expecting to wake up one day three weeks from now and have it be 80 degrees from now until July (and then it will be 100 degrees until October).

Karishma scarf | H&M black lace peplum | J Brand Jeans | DV by Dolce Vita Jamison Boots | AMY O. Jewelry necklace

I’d to have a bit of a spring, but not summer. Not yet. Anyone who lives in New York and tells you they can’t wait for those hot 85 degree summer days is lying. Except… maybe if they live at the beach in Rockaway.



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    The black-and-white look is super-rad–you somehow look very noir in the first photo, even with the woodpile right there. (I think the drapey scarf helps.)

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    I remember when you were musing about doing the blog in black and white – I actually think black and white is more of a challenge though!

    the weather flip flopping between ‘almost spring’ and ‘definitely winter’ really isn’t that uncommon for April. I think we all like to forget that and complain all month like it’s never been like this before.

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      Black and white definitely isn’t as easy as it looks… I don’t know if I’ve ever taken truly great black and white photos. You have to think about so much more!

      78 degrees tomorrow here… not that I don’t appreciate spring sort of trying to happen, but that is going to be a mess on the train tomorrow night. Hope they turn on the air conditioning for a few hours.

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    oh how i wish i could layer and it end up looking half this good. and now you have me wanting to experiment with B&W photos…

    we’ll hit low to mid 80s this upcoming week…much better than the triple-digit summers here in Texas.

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      I think a belt can really help you out when layering… I’m not wearing one here, but I feel like it can cut down on the bulky feeling you sometimes get, you know? Although with the great weather you’re having I think there’s probably no need to layer at all!

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        i agree and that’s one more thing i haven’t quite mastered. for some reason, when i’m looking at myself in the mirror – the belts just don’t look right. of course, i’m my own best critic. thanks for taking the time to offer the tip…i’ll ease into implementing accordingly. :)