Photo Diary: Life in the Country, Part Two

Dear Nnenna,

I think sometimes it’s nice to visit the countryside, but honestly it’s always such a relief to return to New York and wander the streets and have Seamless for food delivery. I can never quite decide if the quiet is peaceful or tiresome. Silence can be just as grating as noise from the street (which generally I find comforting, ha).

Things are so much less expensive though. Artisanal scones for $2? Thanks and I’ll take two :) And Target is such a delightful place. And driving! I’ve missed being in the rush of cars instead of standing next to them.

Hover over for extra photo details, as usual.



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    I am so ready for a change of pace, but I sure that a couple days back at home will have me itching again for NYC!  Haha, that’s just the way it works!  Love the hat toss picture and that jacket looks so good on you :)  Will have to get back into taking outfit pictures when we are both back in the city!

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    These photos are so lovely. And your hat is adorable (especially the throwing pose).  I grew up in the country but always thought of myself as a city mouse. These pretty photos are making me doubt that a little bit.

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      I definitely prefer a big city like New York, although I do like rural areas like where my aunt lives… but only for a visit. The suburbs have never really done it for me. I just can’t ever picture myself staying there. 

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    persimmons and pomegranates? oh noms. I love living in smaller cities because there’s still some bustle but not a lot of hustle. Oh, and I love that outfit with the reds, maroons, and browns.

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      I actually didn’t have any of the persimmon because it wasn’t ripe yet, but I ate a ton of pomegranate. New York is definitely a fast-paced place! I have to live somewhere I can walk around… in the suburbs where my family lives everything is so far away that you absolutely cannot walk to anywhere. You’re talking 3-5 miles each way :( Even just for coffee. 

  4. Anonymous says

    you are getting some camera skills girl
    quiet living for a while, busy living for a while
    as with everything… it is all about balance

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    Where do I even begin? These photos are amazing. I think maybe I need to come to NY so we can a) grab a drink (Scotch, anyone?), and b) you can give me a crash course on how to take beautiful photographs. 

    Also, I LOVE both of your outfits in this. The belt in the second photo is amaaaazing. You’re my hero. 

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      Yes, please come to New York, Kelsey! It’s such a fun city. Maybe I should think about a photography class, haha. Nnenna said the same thing to me the other day. 

      That’s pretty much my favorite belt ever. I waited for it to go on sale all spring, gave up, and then found it at a store over the summer!