The Casual Black Alexander Wang Suit

Dear Silvergirl,

This Alexander Wang ponte jacket and matching skirt are great pieces because they’re a little bit structured yet still very comfortable.

I was in a bit of a rush to get out the door, so I didn’t take many photos. I’ve been favoring a lot of minimalistic all black looks lately and softening them up with my curly hair. They’re more at home in New York than here amongst the trees, but I wear them anyway. I also walk around the neighborhood in my heels and people look at me oddly. Oh well. I won’t give them up, although I do wear my flat boots if I have to go any appreciable distance.

I’m carrying my Coach bag (as usual) and wearing my T by Alexander wang jacket and skirt, Laugh Cry Repeat by AZFN shirt, HUE tights, and MIA ankle boots.



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    I always get funny looks when I go home. I remember wearing leopard pants to a cocktail party/informal wedding reception a few weeks ago and I definitely got that “eye”.  The “who does this girl think she is in her leopard pants” eye.  Those leopard pants were my scarlet letter,  and I proudly wore them.

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    The funniest was walking my dog in my heeled sandals, some other people walking their dogs stopped and looked at my feet and told me they were the strangest shoes they’d ever seen for a dog walk.

    There are definitely some days when I feel frustrated and don’t know what to wear, and I try think of what you would do. You can take black and make it look so easy.