The Essential Trench Coat

fashion blogger outfit of club monaco trench coat, reiss leather dress, frye boots, coach satchel photographed while standing in the woods

Dear Shen Dove,

I have somewhat of a fatal weakness for trench coats. The essential trench coat can be worn with everything. It’s good as both a spring and fall transitional coat and you can find one to fit anyone’s style and budget. You can even wear one in the winter in the south, where it’s totally warm enough to do so.

I didn’t get my first trench coat until I was sixteen (a pale pink one), but since then I’ve become a bit of a collector and have never looked back.  I most likely have far too many of them now, but what can I do? They’re my favorites. 

fashion blogger wearing a club monaco trench coat tied at the waist over a reiss dress

walking in the woods in a club monaco trench coat, frye boots and coach legacy molly satchel

This trench is a past season Club Monaco. It has a few little leather details, which I like because it’s a twist on the classic trench coat. I also love coats with belts. This one looks good buttoned up or left open with the belt tied haphazardly.

close up of coach legacy leather molly satchel and frye villager boots

This post is my submission for the latest Bloggers Do It Better challenge. See how everyone’s styling their coats this fall at Pretty Shiny Sparkly.

Have a fantastic weekend!



  1. says

    everything looks awesome, the trench etc but I REALLY love the boots…I have a similar pair from 2005 and LIVE IN THEM…gotta love those Frye boots that NEVER go out of style.

  2. says

    I love the sorta pastel combination of the dress and the trench! You look, as usual, so cool, and the colors are smashing on you. I’ve never owned a trenchcoat, but I love the look!

  3. says

    I only have my one trench coat, but I do have a bit of an outerwear obsession in general.

    This coat is quite lovely, and you’ve definitely mastered the tying of the belt.

    Really loving the color of this dress too… have we seen it before? It just looks divine with the red bag.