How to Style a Summer Dress for Fall

berry wrap and yellow eshakti sailboat summer dress styled for fall

Dear Mia,

This is what I get for wearing a fit and flare during a storm– had it hold it down with my hands whenever I went outside. I generally like to have clothing that’s seasonless, but barring that I like to wear things as long into the upcoming season as possible. Especially when it’s summer to fall because I like to layer!

The styling worked out pretty well and I liked this berry color with the yellow. Initially I was thinking blue, but then no, too easy. I ended up picking the berry color because I like it and it’s popular for fall. 

eshakti sailboat dress skirt blowing in the wind

Getting a bit breezy! I like to wear slips under most dresses and skirts. This one’s a Vassarette from Target.

  • Velvet/Anthropologie wrap top (swapped from Lydia)
  • eShakti sailboat dress (c/o, Spring 2013)
  • Arturo Chiang tall suede boots (past season by many seasons)

The last time I photographed these boots for the blog was in 2010! That means they’re going on their fourth winter now… not bad. I also last wore them in a post where styled an out of season piece for the current season, in that case it was a summer dress styled for winter. I hardly ever try to wear summer things when snow’s on the ground any more, but it did make for a fun challenge!

How long into fall do you keep your summer dresses out?



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    Ooh, I LOVE the berry+mustard combo. (Not so much food-wise, but color-wise it’s a winner!) For me, it depends on the summer dress. I have a few that are too hard to layer because of sleeve issues, and some other dresses (and skirts) that, due to material or color or what-have-you, just don’t jibe with any of my colder-weather clothing, so I pack them up when it starts to get cooler. There are some that are nice and versatile, though–like my well-worn Aryeh dress–that I can layer up and wear all winter long, though!

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      I didn’t even think of food until you pointed it out. Yeah… I don’t think I would go for berries and mustard either.

      I think that now this dress has to be put away until next season. I’m not sure about it with tights– woven cotton just seems to stick even with a slip. It just got very cold here… I’m actually wearing pants!

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    Oh yes, the yellow and berry do look nice and autumnal together!

    I keep my summer dresses out for as long as it pleases me. While I’ve certainly styled some of them with snow on the ground as well, I don’t think I did at all last winter (that was ridiculous).

    Did you do custom sizing with your dress or a normal size? Because I just got a dress from them which I did custom and I’m disappointed.

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      I got this dress custom made and it is a little large around the lower rib cage. I’ve never had anything normal size from eShakti before… but it could probably work out. Although I don’t have a typical shape, so I think the custom sizing works pretty well for me.