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iphone photos of new york printed with the printic app

Printic makes it easy to order prints from your iPhone with the Printic app. The photo quality is really excellent and I like the faux Polaroid look, which you can have captions or messages printed on if you like. The prints are also a great size at 3 x 4 in. 

These nine photos were purchased using complimentary credits from Printic and were all taken with the Instagram app. However, you can select photos from any folder on your phone, which means it’s even possible to print dSLR photos if you transfer them.

printic app photo packaging   faux polaroids of new york made with the printic app

At 99¢ each, they’re not the most inexpensive prints I’ve come across. Shipping is free, though, and the buying process is straightforward and painless. I’d love to have photos from special occasions printed like this in the future. For now, I’m thinking of getting some mini clothespins and clipping these onto a ribbon for a fun DIY home decor project.


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    These are so cute! I miss printed photos a lot- my mom always used to print our family pictures and then I would help her put them in albums. I will have to check this company out!

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    Those are fun – the polarid look feels appropriate for an instagram photo, no? A dollar a print is pretty hefty, but I suppose if you think about how much we used to pay for film to be developed and then have half your photos turn out awful, it’s not too bad.