Fall Weekend + Shopping My Current Closet

Wearing a Military inspired jacket and blue leather dress to brunch

Dear Brenna,

Over the weekend I met Kim (she took this photo) for an awesome brunch. Of course, I wore a blue leather dress. This is a favorite one I got last fall at Reiss and is a true A-line, a less common shape for leather these days. I can’t wear it in the summer (too hot!), so I’m making sure it goes into regular rotation this fall. However, I don’t love the ankle boots with the rest of the outfit here. They’re not in style any more, but I can really picture gold glitter ankle boots with this dress and jacket.

Lately I’ve been going through a lot of my old things, in particular the clothing I’ve stored away. I’ve decided that this season, instead of purchasing new clothing I’m going to begin wearing all of my current pieces. Everything. Including the evening dresses. Adding the evening dresses will be a good challenge as I don’t normally wear them outside of formal events. I generally don’t believe in saving clothing for an occasion: I could outgrow it or the style could fade, and then I would be sad. I’d rather have worn the dress than not, you know?

…We’ll see where this experiment leads— likely to increased dry cleaning bills. And more shoes. I am not restricting purchases of shoes and to an extent, accessories. Shoes wear out so quickly in New York. I have mine redone with Vibram soles because I dislike having to replace things I love, but after a while there’s just no saving some of them. And also, I did a bit of thrifting and found a few good things (shoes) for fall. I’m into tall boots (and 1995) again, so those will definitely be happening this season.

Have you made any interesting new decisions this fall? I feel like I just made a clothing resolution along the lines of a New Year’s resolution.

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The Essential Trench Coat

fashion blogger outfit of club monaco trench coat, reiss leather dress, frye boots, coach satchel photographed while standing in the woods

Dear Shen Dove,

I have somewhat of a fatal weakness for trench coats. The essential trench coat can be worn with everything. It’s good as both a spring and fall transitional coat and you can find one to fit anyone’s style and budget. You can even wear one in the winter in the south, where it’s totally warm enough to do so.

I didn’t get my first trench coat until I was sixteen (a pale pink one), but since then I’ve become a bit of a collector and have never looked back.  I most likely have far too many of them now, but what can I do? They’re my favorites. …

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When You’d Rather Take Photos Than Be In Them

fashion blogger at fashion week lincoln center wearing reiss pastel blue leather dress burberry scarf coach satchel cole haan wedges

Dear Caitlin,

It’s pretty commonly known that I don’t dress up for fashion week (or at least not more than usual). I’ve never had my photo taken by a street style photographer and I’m not really one of the cool kids with an ultra high fashion look.

At fashion week, I’d much rather take the photos than be in them. Bill Cunningham smiled at me today, which totally made my early morning presentation worth the trip all the way to the UWS. Everyone was shouting “we love you, Bill!” as he stood by the street outside Lincoln Center. And I saw a very dapper Hamish Bowles, although no Grace Coddington. Yet.

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