Fall Weekend + Shopping My Current Closet

Wearing a Military inspired jacket and blue leather dress to brunch

Dear Brenna,

Over the weekend I met Kim (she took this photo) for an awesome brunch. Of course, I wore a blue leather dress. This is a favorite one I got last fall at Reiss and is a true A-line, a less common shape for leather these days. I can’t wear it in the summer (too hot!), so I’m making sure it goes into regular rotation this fall. However, I don’t love the ankle boots with the rest of the outfit here. They’re not in style any more, but I can really picture gold glitter ankle boots with this dress and jacket.

Lately I’ve been going through a lot of my old things, in particular the clothing I’ve stored away. I’ve decided that this season, instead of purchasing new clothing I’m going to begin wearing all of my current pieces. Everything. Including the evening dresses. Adding the evening dresses will be a good challenge as I don’t normally wear them outside of formal events. I generally don’t believe in saving clothing for an occasion: I could outgrow it or the style could fade, and then I would be sad. I’d rather have worn the dress than not, you know?

…We’ll see where this experiment leads— likely to increased dry cleaning bills. And more shoes. I am not restricting purchases of shoes and to an extent, accessories. Shoes wear out so quickly in New York. I have mine redone with Vibram soles because I dislike having to replace things I love, but after a while there’s just no saving some of them. And also, I did a bit of thrifting and found a few good things (shoes) for fall. I’m into tall boots (and 1995) again, so those will definitely be happening this season.

Have you made any interesting new decisions this fall? I feel like I just made a clothing resolution along the lines of a New Year’s resolution.

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    This whole combination is gorgeous–that shade of blue looks great on you, of course, and the muted tan and grey (/olive?) go excellently, IMO. I haven’t made any official resolutions, but I might try and go without tights as often as possible this winter–or at least get rid of the ones that really strangle my waist. We’ll see how I do with my small collection of thigh-highs!

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      I think it’s sort of like a washed out olive? It’s one of those colors that looks like it’s been deliberately faded.

      I always try to go without tights for as long as possible. No tights until November… or December if I can make it!

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    Love the idea of “shopping your closet.” Definitely good to go through and see what you have. Can come up with fun new ideas of how to wear an item.

    Great seeing you!!

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    That is a gorgeous leather dress. I saw one earlier this fall in the softest of blush shades and it was all I could do not to take it home. I told myself I was never going to wear it. But of course, we just need to wear the things that make us happy, even if we don’t have the exact perfect occasion.

    I am hoping you will document more of your outfits and share your season of wearing everything. Your posts always inspire me, nice to see you blogging more often again!

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      Blush would be such a great color for a leather dress. Of course, it’s difficult enough to take care of this color and it’s not even especially light. I pretty much constantly wash this one and I still think the color has darkened a bit :(