GEORGINE Spring 2015


photos c/o MAO PR

GEORGINE is a fairly new designer at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week and showed at MBFW for the first time at Fall 2014. I was a fan of high-glam-yet-totally-wearable Fall 2014 collection, and Spring 2015 did not disappoint. Spring 2015 was majorly glamorous and done in a great color story– gold, mint, orange and some great neutrals.

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Zang Toi Fall 2014

Zang Toi Fall 2014 | New York Fashion Week | Delayed Missives lifestyle blog

Without doubt, Zang Toi is my favorite show of the season. The one show that thrills me more than any other — that makes me think about why I love runway photography — is always Zang Toi. There’s a magical quality to a Zang Toi show. The models walk sedately and confidently. They don’t rush, they’re not in a hurry. You will wait for them. And the clothes— the movement of a skirt or the shine of an embellishment is enough to stop the heart. You know the feeling when you get it. There’s a collective sigh in the air, a shared feeling of appreciation for being able to take part in something so beautiful.

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Spring Trends + NYFW Fall 2014!

Christina Yi Spring 2014

Christina Yi Spring 2014

With the start of February comes the spring retail calendar (six more weeks until spring, if the groundhog is to be believed) and the first fall collections of the year at NYFW. I don’t know about you, but I look forward to the fall season. I love fall fashion. It always seems more creative to me. It’s also nice to have something to look forward to in February, which is typically New York’s worst month of the year when it comes to the weather. Some designers have already shown their collections, but my first show isn’t until tomorrow morning. Follow along on Instagram for my most recent updates!

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Catherine Malandrino Spring 2014 | Fashion Week

Models smile at each other at Catherine Malandrino Spring 2014 looks in pink and blue at New York Fashion Week

Catherine Malandrino is a designer whose work I always look forward to seeing season after season. She makes clothing that women want to wear and can easily wear, which is more difficult than you might think. Too often, I believe we take ourselves too seriously in this industry. There’s fierce competition for who can have the freshest, most astounding look– and while we may greatly admire its beauty, at the same time we think to ourselves that it could never really fit into our lifestyles. It could never really be for us. For most of us, there’s little room in our lives for completely frivolous pieces. I think we seek clothing that is both beautiful and wearable, which is something that Catherine Malandrino always does with great confidence and a touch of romance.

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Katya Leonovich Spring 2014 NYFW

model walks the runway at katya leonovich spring 2014

Katya Leonovich Spring 2014 continued the trend of neutral patterns, loose silhouettes and interesting cutouts. There was a definite evolution of pattern and shape from the Fall 2013 show. Katya Leonovich does chiffon in a way that’s very interesting and somewhat edgy rather than sweet. I’m hoping the style will continue to be one of her signatures in collections to come.

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Marc Jacobs Spring 2014 Runway | Dark Beauty

marc jacobs spring 2014 model walks the runway in a burgundy and black dress

In contrast to everything else I’ve seen for spring, Marc Jacobs created a bold, dark collection. Typically we tend to see darker reds, greens and blues for fall, though after a week filled with pastels and nudes I found the color refreshing. But don’t fret if you’re on board with Spring 2014 trends: volume, exposed midriffs, fringe and print had a strong showing in this collection.

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Art Meets Fashion– Yuna Yang Spring 2014 | NYFW

a model in a vintage inspired outfit with wide leg pants walks for yuna yang ss 2014. photo by charles roussel

An artist draws inspiration from things in their environment—things they see, taste, feel or just plain like. A fashion designer, with each garment a work of art, draws inspiration in similar ways that a traditional artist does. Over the past century or so many designers have drawn their influence from the art world including Elsa Schiaparelli (influenced by Salvador Dali), Yves Saint Laurent (influenced by Piet Mondrian), and Louis Vuitton (who collaborated with Takashi Murakami in 2002). Now added to this illustrious list is, New York-based designer, Yuna Yang ( …

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