Catherine Malandrino Spring 2014 | Fashion Week

Models smile at each other at Catherine Malandrino Spring 2014 looks in pink and blue at New York Fashion Week

Catherine Malandrino is a designer whose work I always look forward to seeing season after season. She makes clothing that women want to wear and can easily wear, which is more difficult than you might think. Too often, I believe we take ourselves too seriously in this industry. There’s fierce competition for who can have the freshest, most astounding look– and while we may greatly admire its beauty, at the same time we think to ourselves that it could never really fit into our lifestyles. It could never really be for us. For most of us, there’s little room in our lives for completely frivolous pieces. I think we seek clothing that is both beautiful and wearable, which is something that Catherine Malandrino always does with great confidence and a touch of romance.

Several looks in the collection had a definite nautical inspiration. Looking as if you’ve gone sailing will be a definite trend in the spring.

The popular white, black and soft leather with cutouts trends also appeared.

Additionally, I was pleased to see pink pop up in this collection. I like to wear color for spring and can’t see myself wearing white and cream constantly.

What do you think, is this a wearable collection for you? How do you feel about the trends for Spring 2014?