What’s in My Bag: Brenthaven Collins Slim Brief

what's in my bag: brenthaven collins slim brief edition

Dear Christi,

No secret around here that I love tech– I’ve been known to regularly carry two iPhones (only one has calling enabled, I swear!) and my Skullcandy Aviators even appeared in an outfit post. If I’m just packing a Kindle Fire I drop it right into whatever bag I’m carrying, but for more serious days I rely on my stylish and functional Brenthaven Collins Slim Brief (c/o). 

A fully packed main compartment of the brenthaven collins slim brief

It’s amazing how many things will fit into the main compartment! Additionally, there’s an front outside pocket (clasp closure) and very slim back pocket (zip closure) that would be good for storing small notebooks and documents.

Small outer pocket of the brenthaven collins slim brief packed with beauty essentials and stewart/stand wallet

The outside pocket is completely functional. It easily holds my full-size STEWART/STAND wallet and beauty essentials, including a full-size eyeshadow palette and concealer compact.

brenthaven collins slim brief with macbook pro 15 in

One of the best features of the Slim Brief is the space-saving laptop compartment. There’s no need to use a sleeve for your laptop because the specialized design of the pocket has extra insulation to protect against drops and bumps.

brenthaven collins slim brief packed and ready to go!

All zipped up and ready to go! The headphones are a bit of a squish, but they fit!

Contents of Brenthaven Collins Slim Brief  (c/o), also in smaller version:

My Collins Slim Brief was thoroughly tested for comfort and ease of use by petite (5’2″), average (5’5″) and tall (6’7″) users. The adjustable strap is comfortable with a laptop on a two-mile walking commute and easily fits a large height range. Pockets and compartments also got raves all around for this very well designed bag. In my opinion the very best part of this bag is that it doesn’t sacrifice on style while remaining extremely practical. Fashion + function is where it’s at, whether for clothes, shoes or accessories. 



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    HA! The very first thing I noticed was the two iPhones and thought, oh she’s like me. Right now I’m carrying around my new iPhone, which is connected, my old iPhone, which is not connected, and a Verizon blogger Lumia, which is connected. I feel like I have split personalities every time I reach in my bag to pull one of those out! – Katy

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    Oh god, that is beautiful. I’m looking for one for my husband, possibly for Christmas, and this is most definitely on my list. It even looks better in your photos than it does on the website!

  3. says

    Absolutely gorgeous bag! I always battle with what to bring with me! I have to regularly tell myself there is no need for xyz electronics on that particular day.

    I want a pair of skull candy headphones so bad, but I’d be afraid to wear them on the subway… headphones and phones are like the number one stolen items here in Philly.

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    • says

      Yeah I definitely won’t wear mine on the subway either, although I never wear headphones outside because I’m too security conscious. I saw a guy wearing Aviators on the train once, but he was like 6’5″.

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    That is a nice messenger! I have to say, even with my super padded strap on my messenger bag, carrying around the laptop is never fun. Someday I will get a super light one, but I swear, Apple has been getting more expensive since I got this one 5 years ago.

  5. says

    Thanks for your sweet words on my last post, they brightened my day!
    Oh, everything looks so pretty and chic and is perfect for the bag!

    Hope you have a fantastic day,