Zang Toi Fall 2014

Zang Toi Fall 2014 | New York Fashion Week | Delayed Missives lifestyle blog

Without doubt, Zang Toi is my favorite show of the season. The one show that thrills me more than any other — that makes me think about why I love runway photography — is always Zang Toi. There’s a magical quality to a Zang Toi show. The models walk sedately and confidently. They don’t rush, they’re not in a hurry. You will wait for them. And the clothes— the movement of a skirt or the shine of an embellishment is enough to stop the heart. You know the feeling when you get it. There’s a collective sigh in the air, a shared feeling of appreciation for being able to take part in something so beautiful.

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Catherine Malandrino Spring 2014 | Fashion Week

Models smile at each other at Catherine Malandrino Spring 2014 looks in pink and blue at New York Fashion Week

Catherine Malandrino is a designer whose work I always look forward to seeing season after season. She makes clothing that women want to wear and can easily wear, which is more difficult than you might think. Too often, I believe we take ourselves too seriously in this industry. There’s fierce competition for who can have the freshest, most astounding look– and while we may greatly admire its beauty, at the same time we think to ourselves that it could never really fit into our lifestyles. It could never really be for us. For most of us, there’s little room in our lives for completely frivolous pieces. I think we seek clothing that is both beautiful and wearable, which is something that Catherine Malandrino always does with great confidence and a touch of romance.

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Marc Jacobs Spring 2014 Runway | Dark Beauty

marc jacobs spring 2014 model walks the runway in a burgundy and black dress

In contrast to everything else I’ve seen for spring, Marc Jacobs created a bold, dark collection. Typically we tend to see darker reds, greens and blues for fall, though after a week filled with pastels and nudes I found the color refreshing. But don’t fret if you’re on board with Spring 2014 trends: volume, exposed midriffs, fringe and print had a strong showing in this collection.

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Brandon Sun F/W 2013 | New York Fashion Week

A very downtown, undone city-chic collection from Brandon Sun. Very specific, but very cool. Brandon Sun used to be Design Director for Oscar de la Renta furs, so that fabric that looks like velvet? It’s actually mink. So interesting. Such a high-end material done in a bit of an insouciant way.

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Catherine Malandrino F/W 2013 | New York Fashion Week

For Fall/Winter 2013, Catherine Malandrino was inspired by the work of Art Deco era interior designer Émile-Jacques Ruhlmann. The dark color story of black, oxblood, olive and blue looked surprisingly soft– the geometric patterns were sweetened by the contrast of loose lines and an unexpectedly relaxed fit. Favorites include the leather and velvet pieces as well as the black and nude patterned dresses.

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Rafael Cennamo Fall 2013 | New York Fashion Week

Everything was aglitter at Rafael Cennamo F/W 2013. Having also seen the spring collection, I thought that the fall collection was a good next step forward. This one appeared better cut to my eye, as well as somehow more wearable than the last without losing any of the drama and flair I associate with the brand.

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PARKCHOONMOO Fall 2013 | New York Fashion Week

Nothing matters more to me than the shows. Not the parties, gifts from brands, lounges, or anything else… so sitting front row is the absolute highlight of my fashion week.

The look at PARKCHOONMOO was stark and would have been downright severe if not for the plethora of soft draping. A collection done in black and white with hints of blue is of course practically enough to win me over immediately. I also appreciated very much that this collection actually looks like I could wear it during the fall and winter. I feel that I’ve really had enough of sheer pastels for a season or two. Interestingly, the fabrics used in the collection are all tech fabrics and the leather treated to be water resistant– something that would be amazingly useful for New York’s random rain showers.

Lots and lots of photos. You have been warned.

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