Fashionistas Just Wanna Have Fun! Desigual SS 2014

desigual spring 2014 geometric print dress

photos: WWD

Fashion, intentionally or not, can evoke a feeling when you wear or see it. A good designer or design team understands that and plays to that feeling be it sexy, pretty, professional, relaxed or in the case of Spanish brand, Desigual, FUN!

Born in Ibiza and based in Barcelona, Desigual has built a brand known as much for its innovative prints and bright colors as it is known for its philosophy of positivity and fun.  Each season, the design team creates a massive collection (sometimes over 1000 pieces when you include clothing and accessories) based on a specific theme.  For Spring/Summer 2014, the theme was La Vida es Chula (Life is Cool). …

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Ai | New York Fashion Week Snippet

ai art institute new york runway

Quick trend report as we head into NYFW day three– it’s safe to start looking for:

  • leather, especially in pale colors
  • neutrals, especially nude
  • geometric patterns, especially neutrals
  • crop tops
  • culottes
  • pencil skirts, especially the midi length
  • metallics
  • texture.

I might be wrong, but I think emerald and blue are going to be phasing out for spring. They’ll still be popular colors, but even Desigual showed a collection filled with black and white print.

More spring fashion to come!

PARKCHOONMOO Fall 2013 | New York Fashion Week

Nothing matters more to me than the shows. Not the parties, gifts from brands, lounges, or anything else… so sitting front row is the absolute highlight of my fashion week.

The look at PARKCHOONMOO was stark and would have been downright severe if not for the plethora of soft draping. A collection done in black and white with hints of blue is of course practically enough to win me over immediately. I also appreciated very much that this collection actually looks like I could wear it during the fall and winter. I feel that I’ve really had enough of sheer pastels for a season or two. Interestingly, the fabrics used in the collection are all tech fabrics and the leather treated to be water resistant– something that would be amazingly useful for New York’s random rain showers.

Lots and lots of photos. You have been warned.

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Letterbox By Misha Fall 2013 | New York Fashion Week

I’ve been seeing a lot of collections with strong vintage influences this season (though just as many futuristic ones, too). Sweet, pretty Letterbox By Misha Fall 2013 had a very soft elegance and a little bit of a 1950s feel. I could definitely see this collection being picked up by Anthropologie.

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Monika Chiang F/W 2013 | New York Fashion Week

I walked into Monika Chiang expecting a collection with a unique edgy/preppy twist, but I what I got was even better. The hair and makeup were obvious nods at 80s glam rock, and overall there was a luxe, elegant 70s and 80s vibe carried throughout the collection.

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