Fashionistas Just Wanna Have Fun! Desigual SS 2014

desigual spring 2014 geometric print dress

photos: WWD

Fashion, intentionally or not, can evoke a feeling when you wear or see it. A good designer or design team understands that and plays to that feeling be it sexy, pretty, professional, relaxed or in the case of Spanish brand, Desigual, FUN!

Born in Ibiza and based in Barcelona, Desigual has built a brand known as much for its innovative prints and bright colors as it is known for its philosophy of positivity and fun.  Each season, the design team creates a massive collection (sometimes over 1000 pieces when you include clothing and accessories) based on a specific theme.  For Spring/Summer 2014, the theme was La Vida es Chula (Life is Cool). …

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Art Meets Fashion– Yuna Yang Spring 2014 | NYFW

a model in a vintage inspired outfit with wide leg pants walks for yuna yang ss 2014. photo by charles roussel

An artist draws inspiration from things in their environment—things they see, taste, feel or just plain like. A fashion designer, with each garment a work of art, draws inspiration in similar ways that a traditional artist does. Over the past century or so many designers have drawn their influence from the art world including Elsa Schiaparelli (influenced by Salvador Dali), Yves Saint Laurent (influenced by Piet Mondrian), and Louis Vuitton (who collaborated with Takashi Murakami in 2002). Now added to this illustrious list is, New York-based designer, Yuna Yang ( …

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