Brandon Sun F/W 2013 | New York Fashion Week

A very downtown, undone city-chic collection from Brandon Sun. Very specific, but very cool. Brandon Sun used to be Design Director for Oscar de la Renta furs, so that fabric that looks like velvet? It’s actually mink. So interesting. Such a high-end material done in a bit of an insouciant way.


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    I love the look with the animal print jacket over the long belted cardigan and the maxi. not that I could ever pull off something like that, but its very cool.

    also, that model with the bob looks like she is smiling in the second photo. someone is going to have to fire her.

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      I like the presentations that have a bit of a fun vibe, like the By Misha one. It was casual and both the models and attendees seemed happy to be there.

      I remember thinking that all of the models at Brandon Sun must have been asked to look a certain way because they all had eerily similar expressions. They sort of all looked like Kristen Stewart at a major awards show. I cut a bunch of looks that I liked because the models’ expressions were so bizarre.