Marc Jacobs Spring 2014 Runway | Dark Beauty

marc jacobs spring 2014 model walks the runway in a burgundy and black dress

In contrast to everything else I’ve seen for spring, Marc Jacobs created a bold, dark collection. Typically we tend to see darker reds, greens and blues for fall, though after a week filled with pastels and nudes I found the color refreshing. But don’t fret if you’re on board with Spring 2014 trends: volume, exposed midriffs, fringe and print had a strong showing in this collection.

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A number of oversized jackets trimmed with fringe appeared early on. I liked the tropical-looking print many of them were paired with– it vaguely reminded me of board shorts (and I mean that in the best possible way). The print appeared in burgundy, red and what looked like India ink, and continued as a theme in some way or another throughout the entire collection.

I was particularly enamored with the maxi dresses (of course). I appreciated the skirt separates, too, but couldn’t decipher what the fabric was used. Given their structure I’m leaning towards wool, and I can’t see anyone wearing that during summer in climate like New York’s.

Many of the looks had this sort-of bohemian Edwardian gothic feel with a lot of length, high collars and ruffles. The final looks also incorporated shimmer in the form of reflective fabrics and sequin appliqués. Sheer lace dresses are now all I want to wear.

Throughout the show, the models fairly flew down the runway. It almost seemed as if they were being chased, which fit the urgency of the instrumental music. Altogether it somewhat reminded me of a scene from a horror movie or a strange dream.

The collection was very Marc Jacobs, and I liked it. But I’m sure you already knew that it would appeal to my gothy little heart.


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    You got great pics, what are you talking about?! lol

    This is definitely a different collection than most on the spring runway. I’ll have to watch the full show :) Congrats on covering the show – that’s so awesome!

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    Your pictures are FANTASTIC! Oh my god- so good, I’m dying over here. I’m really proud of you for some reason and living vicariously through you! :DDDD

    Also, love that this collection is so totally different from everything else.

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      It was really great. I even took an empty gift box because they look like miniature hatboxes and I wanted one.

      I’m satisfied with the photos, but I have a lot of improvement to do when it comes to the media riser. These are almost all straight out of camera (some have a few adjustments for exposure) so that’s not the problem. I just have to really work on my timing. The white soled shoes definitely didn’t help either. They wrecked so many photos because my timing was just a little bit off. Practice practice practice.