Georgine Fall 2014

Georgine Fall 2014 | New York Fashion Week | Delayed Missives lifestyle blog

Georgine Fall 2014 is bringing back the jewel tones. There’s something very chic about the current black + white trend and very modern about the metallic trend– however, rich jewel tones are my favorite things to wear during the winter. Along with black, of course.

The Georgine Fall 2014 woman is glamorous and fun with a bit of something unapologetic. She’s your impeccably turned-out friend, yet there’s a wildness to the way she moves, dresses and acts. She’s always in heels.

Texture played a huge role in the collection, which included a number of looks with leather, fur and high-sheen fabric. Favorites included looks incorporating forest green and aubergine (fabulous together!) and the best use of leather pants I have seen this season.

Aubergine fur and asymmetrical skirt | Georgine Fall 2014 | New York Fashion Week

Georgine Fall 2014 | New York Fashion Week