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strawberry rose green tea

Dear Dotty,

McNulty’s Tea & Coffe Co. is my favorite tea shop in New York. They have all kinds of specialty teas like Dragon Fruit with Roses, which sounds like the official tea of Game of Thrones.

I don’t frequent the shop too often because it’s far too easy to spend a fortune there in under ten minutes. The strawberry rose green tea pictured above will set you back $40/pound. Not that you would need to purchase an entire pound all at once. You could easily drink that much over the course of a year, but it wouldn’t be as fresh after a few months. I tend to buy loose leaf tea in quarter-pound bags. 

mcnulty's tea

Both strawberry rose bags are 1/4 pound each, but the Moroccan mint is 1/2 pound. I don’t know what I thought I was going to do with all that mint tea. I feel like I keep on drinking it but it never goes away! Not an entirely bad thing, actually. I just hope it will stay fresh through the summer. With no central air, I worry about it when the weather’s humid for days on end. I should get a proper canister for it.

strawberry rose green tea

Giant containers of tea line the walls at McNulty’s. I love that they’re transparent so you can see the leaves and ingredients.

Despite the fact that I’m a coffee fiend, I’ve never gotten any coffee at McNulty’s. It smells as good as Brooklyn Roasting in there when they grind coffee for someone. Honestly though, I probably wouldn’t know what kind of coffee to get other than a low-acid dark roast. I know much more about tea than coffee, much of which I learned on a trip to Japan.

McNulty’s is located in the West Village at 109 Christopher Street between Bleecker and Hudson. Stop in for a candle at Jo Malone on the corner or walk up to Magnolia on West 11th for a cupcake!



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    I love tea. I used to be a coffee fiend, but now it’s just too much caffeine for me. We have a local tea shop that sells loose leaf by the pound too, but I find that most of their blends are really stale-tasting :( MINT! My husband loves mint tea but I just can’t seem to stop comparing it to toothpaste -_-

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    I’ve never really gotten into tea, other than trying every single sample every time I pass a teavana. I’m sure this tea is even better than that (or it had better be with those kinds of price tags) and the presentation is quite lovely.

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      Teavana is good, but yeah… McNulty’s tends to have the rarer and more interesting sounding teas. Not all of the teas are that expensive, though. The whole 1/2 pound of Moroccan mint was only $10!