Eva NYC Hair Care

eva nyc hair products

Eva NYC kindly sent me a selection of products from their hair care line and over the past few months I’ve chronicled my favorite Eva NYC-assisted hairstyles.  There are two stand-out products that I liked best.

The first product is the Speed It Up Blow-Dry Spray (6oz, $24), which just works. The first time I used it, I couldn’t believe how fast my hair dried. I like use about 3-5 sprays on freshly washed hair, then comb through to distribute the product. Then five minutes with a hair dryer produces sleek, dry hair. It’s basically a miracle product.

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Good Tidings

standing in tall grass during fall

When current events turn sad, I often shutter the blog for a while. Social media, too. I don’t like to say that I retreat from the world, but in many ways I do. I like to press pause for a while and spend a lot of time thinking. I like to ponder apocalypse planning (although this could also be caused by excessive episodes of The Walking Dead and Homeland).

If you celebrated Thanksgiving last week, I hope it was everything you wished for.

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Fall Flower Dress

I bought this dress at the height of summer, but with long sleeves it was a definite no-go until the days became cooler. I could see it possibly being an okay winter dress, too, but we’ll see.

Kim took these photos for me ages ago. I did mean to post them in September as sort of an early fall look, but it turns out that we’re well into fall and still having some late summer weather.

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Why I Take Photos

sunset on the water

Flipping through some old photos from this year. I swear I’d forget my whole life if not for the photos I take…

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Happy Halloweekend! + Neighborhood Decorations Tour

frida kahlo halloween costume

Boo! Happy Halloween! In keeping with tradition, I put together a costume from the contents of my closet. You may remember this one from last year– I’m Frida Kahlo. She’s a favorite of mine, and I’ve always found her work deeply thought-provoking.

In addition to my Frida outfit, I also took a short walking tour through the neighborhood. We have a lot of excellent decorations this year. Everyone went all-out!

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Weekends + Other Days


I haven’t been taking many photos lately, but I have stepped up my selfie game. It’s been a cold October, so for the fall wedding of the weekend I wore a wool coat over my dress. I almost wore boots under the dress. It was cold enough that it would have been a good idea.

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Fall Wedding Season Begins

the start of fall wedding season | indoor fountain at the reception

I’m having a busy few weeks– I’ll be attending weddings and events related to weddings for practically the entire month! I’m hoping to have some time for writing. But if not, I’ll see you on the flip side.

GEORGINE Spring 2016

GEORGINE Spring 2016

I recently realized that I’ve seen GEORGINE for a few seasons, enough to begin observing some evolution. It’s rare when you’re able to follow a designer from her first show at fashion week. I’ve gone from sitting front row to seeing it become star-studded (Laverne Cox is so tall!), which means that people are really starting to take notice.

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