Least Brilliant Idea. Ever.

Guys.  Guys.  On Saturday I decided that since it was not raining for the first time in my (admittedly short when concerning the weather) memory, I should go out for an adventure.  To Waterside.  It did seem like a brilliant idea at the time.

And then I got there… and I realized why no one else was about.  The wind.  Crazy.

And I only got one semi-normal looking photo.  My hair.  It’s… I don’t even know where it is.

On the plus side, the park was mostly empty which significantly cut down on the what-is-that-crazy-doing looks.  And I had a lovely (windy) walk.

But I might have to brave the streets next time.  Tall buildings totally cut down on wind, right?


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    Hahaha! Your outfit is adorable, even if the wind was messing with your hair. We have had the craziest, windiest week here in Indiana. It’s about time for it to quit.

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    Ohhhh I’ve had far worse ideas than that. Like taking photos in a downpour and thinking I can duct tape an umbrella to my tripod.

    I’m loving that eggplant coat, very chic.

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        Oh no! That is awful. I hope it’s okay; which I say because I’m not sure if you knew I existed when I told the story of what happen to my first 50 mm lens: it fell over on the tripod and it seemed fine, worked perfectly for a WEEK and then fell into two pieces!

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            It might have just been because it was the cheapy plastic $100 50mm —
            I think, well I would certainly hope that the mostly metal lenses
            could survive a small fall.

            But then I went out and got the 1.4 for $360 or whatever and it feels
            a lot more solid. I was even able to get $40 for the broken one on
            ebay. I have no idea what a person would want with a broken lens, but
            they sell. apparently.