On Location Again

August 24, 2011

Another day, another photoshoot. I photographed the my friend’s almost six-week old newborn, so I’m not wearing jewelry or anything that could accidentally damage baby’s skin.

I haven’t worn this skirt in forever! It’s from Express about a year ago or so. I started disliking the elastic waist and didn’t like any of my belts over it until I tried this one (Forever 21, my new favorite black belt). I got this Generra shirt from Marshalls five years ago and promptly cut off most of the sleeves, which used to bell out and end at the elbow.

This is another no looking day, I suppose. I don’t know what I’ve been doing lately when I take photos but it does not include looking at the camera. I’ll try and fix that, or at least be me conscious of the photos I’m taking.

Least Brilliant Idea. Ever.

Guys.  Guys.  On Saturday I decided that since it was not raining for the first time in my (admittedly short when concerning the weather) memory, I should go out for an adventure.  To Waterside.  It did seem like a brilliant idea at the time.

And then I got there… and I realized why no one else was about.  The wind.  Crazy.

And I only got one semi-normal looking photo.  My hair.  It’s… I don’t even know where it is.

On the plus side, the park was mostly empty which significantly cut down on the what-is-that-crazy-doing looks.  And I had a lovely (windy) walk.

But I might have to brave the streets next time.  Tall buildings totally cut down on wind, right?

Weekend Boring

5 March 2011

Really, the only reason I got dressed on this particular Sunday was to take some close up photos for the internship’s blog.  And to go to the store.  I needed allergy medicine and almond milk.  This is pretty typical weekend wear for me though: no belt, no sweater, no extra pieces.  A sort of stripped down version of what I often wear during the week.

J.Crew shirt, Express skirt, Commando tights (I could be wrong though, they might have been HUE), Sofft shoes, b-side by ken + dana ring and bracelet.

Lately in Lace and Double Plaid

11.3.10 – Wednesday 

I was so glad when these lace tights went on sale at Target, I didn’t want to pay full price for them because they seem so delicate and like they might easily rip.  I’ve only worn them twice, so far so good (and better than my usual record for delicate legwear, which is a run or hole during the second wear)!  I hope I get to wear them a few more times, it’s supposed to be in the 50s for the remainder of the week, definitely more promising than last week.  I was a little bit cold!  

What do you think of wearing two different plaid patterns at the same time?  I definitely don’t think it can be done all the time, but the pattern on the coat is subtle and only two colors so I thought I should just go for it!  Also, I was really feeling black and pink that day.  I think it helps that my scarf has at least two colors the same as the coat.  This scarf is also one of my winter favorites, you really can’t beat cashmere for warmth and softness among wool.  And it’s really stood the test of time and held up beautifully over the past four years!  

Forever 21 coat, LOFT shirt, Express skirt, Merona (Target) tights, Burberry scarf, Sofft shoes.  

Mismatched Black

10.15.10 – Friday

I went to Pottery Barn wearing this and I’m pretty sure they thought I was a crazy in my black leather and leopard shoes, mingling with the khaki set over pillows.  Pottery Barn is actually one of my favorite stores, I always want to buy everything and redecorate!  I think maybe I should overdye my skirt black again, it looks like it’s faded.  I’m always so sad when colors fade, I try to wash everything gently but I always have trouble with dark colors becoming not so dark after a few washes.  

I haven’t worn these shoes since the spring!  I’ve missed them, but I definitely haven’t missed them hurting my feet!  

LNA jacket, LOFT double wrap belt, American Apparel dolman sleeve shirt, Express circle skirt, HUE ultimate opaque tights (lies! you can totally see through them), Deena & Ozzy (Urban Outfitters) shoes.