Over The Rainbow

Got that rainbow flare again, always a surprise when that shows up because it’s not visible when the photo is being taken. These are my best spring neutrals!  Though I feel as if neutrals are everywhere now so I don’t want to wear them as much.  I want some hot pink skirts!  Unfortunately none of the ones I tried at Zara fit, all either too big or too small.  I’ll just have to keep looking (but if you know of any hot pink/fuchsia skirts do tell, I’m dying to have one).

Happy spring!  It’s beach sunny in New York right now, you could get a tan walking on the street.  I’m off to the Rebecca Minkoff sample sale and twitter says there’s already a huge line (noooooooooooo), so wish me luck finding a pink bag!


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     I like the neutrals, as much as i also love color and print overloads, sometimes it’s good to just be sweet and drapey.

    glad you got a bag!

    (and i guess your blog isn’t showing up as being updated on my blog roll which is why I missed this post, because that is sort of ‘how i follow’ my favorite people. google reader is perpetually overrun with a million unread posts and I hate it.)

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    I loved the post title in contrast with your actual outfit. Your outfit is fab and very spring-like. I wish I could pull off lighter-colored neutrals. You look fantastic in this. Hope you got a bag!

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    Good luck at the sale!! And if you do end up elbowing some girl in the head, I won’t judge you….as long as you get your pink purse!

    And I love the neutrals!

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      Haha that did not happen, but seriously I don’t know how most people made it out unscathed.  There was a lot of champagne going around!  I got yellow instead of pink, look for it soon! 

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    Lucky!! You get to go to the Rebecca Minkoff sale! I’m on their mailing list and they keep sending me teaser emails about the sale. I could always drive 6 hours to NYC…. Nah! Good luck finding the perfect pink bag! xox