A Little Bit in Transition

9.6.10 ~ Monday ~ Holiday

The last photos with the little point and shoot, unless I’m ever separated from the DSLR.  I’m actually thinking about naming it… yeah, it’s that bad.  It’s like it’s my pet or something :)  

I forgot how much I like this sweater!  I haven’t worn it since probably May, and I haven’t photographed it since March.  My only defense is that it’s been hot!  Too hot even for a short sleeved sweater!  I’ve never been able to wear summer sweaters unless it’s truly cold, even if it drops to 60 the humidity gets to me.  I’ve always wanted to have summer cashmere but I would totally just roast myself!  

Some people IRL have seen me in shorts more than is generally normal — it’s because I’m hoping to carry them into fall.  I’ve never been able to continue with shorts past summer so I’ve been trying to think of looks I can easily add stockings to for fall/winter.  Depending on the weather, I might be trying it out in Toronto with black lace stockings at night!

Moth (Anthropologie) sweater, C&C California shirt, LOFT shorts, Sofft platforms, Marc by Marc Jacobs bag.  

Of the Moment

9.1.10 ~ Wednesday ~ Fall is Falling

For the first day of September (okay, so it’s not really fall), I wanted to try out one of the big trends of the season.  Neutrals are at the top of my list — and probably about everyone else’s too — for fall fashion, although recently I’ve been buying black and hot pink (oops).  I don’t have a lot of neutral clothing, so this is experimental but I think it came out decently!  I’m not sure if the skirt is actually a neutral, it’s some kind of odd purple/grey color and I have no idea what to really call it.  If you’ve been to loft recently you’ve probably seen it, they used it for skirts, shorts, and a jacket.  

Hmmm maybe next time I’ll swap out the bag for something else, brown or gold probably!  

Also, has anyone ever been to an international film festival?  I have a feeling I’m going to be packing day and night looks for every single day…  I wonder what the temperature is in Toronto right now?  

LOFT shirt, LOFT skirt, belt from Japan, Sofft platforms, Marc by Marc Jacbos bag.  

Music Festival Two

8.15.2010 ~ Sunday

To the music festival again, and it rained all day so everything was a huge mudslide!  I don’t know what the people wearing flip flops did and now I understand why Hunter boots show up at Coachella and such all the time.  It was so humid that I actually felt overheated in this outfit but I don’t know what else I could have done.  I think it was just one of those days and it was going to feel sticky and airless no matter what!  

LOFT embellished tee, J. Crew skirt, Target belt, Mossimo for Target boots.  

Music Festival

8.11.2010 ~ Wednesday

Yes, I’m ridiculous, this is my idea of what to wear to a music festival.  I was both reasonably cool and comfortable in the intense night time humidity. I consider it a resounding success, especially as I was at least wearing a shirt (some people were not).

Also, does anyone know… are gladiators on their way out?  I haven’t worn these shoes all summer because I’ve been over them for a while although I’m still seeing them in stores.  

Anthropologie shirt, LOFT skirt, Clarks sandals (Japan, they sell much better ones there! i.e. I would love to have these clogs for walking shoes but they’re UK/Japan, not available in the US of course), LV pochette.  

P.S. Okay tumblr, why won’t the html to remove the image border work?  In fact, why does it not even save?  Grrrr…

Drape Day

8.6.2010 ~ Friday

Friends… I have something to tell you.  A tragedy occurred when I thought I could wear nude shoes and stand in the grass.  It’s too awful.  I lost my feet.  The grass was so long they just disappeared!  I’ve been missing them since Friday and it’s become really inconvenient.  Please tell me if you see them in there!  

I wore this to work on a very hot day!  Luckily I took these in the morning (shocking, I know, as I manage to wake up early enough to do that once every six months or so) when the heat hadn’t set in yet.  I like the light although I think I still prefer the afternoon.  Maybe because I’m actually awake by then, no guarantees for my mental state before noon/first shot of espresso (whichever comes first)!  

Loft shirt, Odille (Anthropologie) skirt, belt from Japan, Sofft platforms, J. Crew bangles.