Feeling Blustery

So remember when I talked about trying to cheer myself up when I’m feeling blah?  These photos were taken on one of those days.  It all started with me trying to wear these navy Merona/Target tights I picked up a few weeks ago.  They were on sale and they felt like good quality (they’re from the Premium line).  I had been wanting navy tights so I bought them.  Also, people seem to like the tights at Target a lot.

I bought S/M because my height and weight put me firmly in that size, but I definitely should have bought M/L or just gone with We Love Colors.  If you have a small waist I highly recommend them, the Merona tights should work perfectly for you.  And I will say that they’re good quality because they’re thick and feel like they would hold up well.  But if I want to wear them I’ll have fit some Spanx underneath.

Anyway, I was feeling blahhhhh raaarrrr these are too small but just want to wear my navy tights!  But I decided to change them out for black opaques, my favorites.  And then I said to myself: self, this is nothing you can’t fix by pulling your Rodarte for Target dress and some three inch heels.  Who cares if you’ll be sleeveless in 34 degree weather, you’re the only one that might be cold.  And then out into the blustery weather I went.  I had to take photos, of course.

And when I came back in I had a few spoonfulls of almond butter and a raw Pillsbury Valentine’s cookie just for good measure.

And I certainly felt a bit more cheery.

Rodarte for Target dress, LOFT belt, HUE tights, Sofft shoes.

That last photo is almost normal.  The rest are totally windblown!


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    I love your honesty. But let me just say that you look amazing in this dress! I love all of the Target collaborations, and I’m really excited for them bringing back a few soon like Rodarte!

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    I love that dress. I’ve never purchased ANY of the target designer collaborations (target is just not one of those places I shop, it reminds me too much of walmart, I place I’ve been boycotting since 2004). But I have made a few target purchases online AND I just found out about the designer dress reissue and I Looked and THAT dress is one of them and now, now I have something I feel like I need to buy.
    Even though I know I do not. But I do.

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      Yes, I know what you mean… Target? But I’ve been exploring a lot lately since one opened close to me and some things are really good, like the leather boots in the fall. I haven’t looked at the reissue but I definitely want to see if there’s anything I missed the first time around. You can borrow it too if you want to do a clothing swap sometime!

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    Yeah – Target tights can be crappy. I bought a few pairs this winter and EVERY SINGLE ONE got a run during the first wear.
    At $8-$15 a pop = not cool.
    Recently grabbed some at a place called Dress Barn near where I work.
    They had good colors and I think they were 3 pair for $10.
    One pair has run, but the other two are still cool.

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      Whattt really? Ugh Target, definitely expected better quality. That’s so disappointing because they’re more expensive than HUE and I hoped they would be nicer. There’s no Dress Barn close to me but maybe I should check Marshalls/TJMaxx.

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    i always have to size up on target tights (even though i’m defnitely in the s/m on the chart too) or else they pinch me at the waist! grrr. anyway, this dress is gorgeous on you!