Last Photos of Summery Fall

10.27.10 – Wednesday

As much as I love sunny days… overcast ones make for fantastic lighting :)  Less problems with exposure (at least I think so).  I used to have major issues with lighting in my photos, but I gradually got better through trial and error + taking thousands of photos + photography blogs + photography book.  I like to use natural light whenever I can but sometimes… I would really like one of those umbrellas to direct light where I want it!  

Last week temperatures were still fairly warm but I was the only person I saw going around without tights/pants.  I’m actually extremely immune to temperature changes so I can go far into winter still wearing short sleeves and no sweaters.  I don’t get cold easily and hot weather is not extremely bothersome to me either (although you won’t see me wearing layers and sweaters during the summer, everyone does that in Japan, they must be even less susceptible to temperature than I am).  I actually barely own any long sleeve shirts and most of my wardrobe can be worn during any season with the addition of tights and sweaters.  Although I’m practically notorious for wearing sleeveless things in January and disliking all sweaters except for cardigans.  

Anthropologie shirt, LOFT skirt, Gap mohair socks, Frye boots.  

Cardigan Part Two: Night

10.19.10 – Tuesday – Maybe I Should Have Worn Stockings

I added a belt!  And I think I like this sweater better over a straighter skirt, it’s a cleaner line.  I’m wearing my new black Sofft pumps from zappos.  I wear a lot of comfort shoes because I have problem feet from ten years of ballet when I was younger.  I have extremely high arches and my right foot is significantly wider than my left at the toes.  I suspect broken toes that I never got checked (can’t do anything anyway) but it could just be some kind of anomaly.  Anyway, I highly recommend Sofft for problem feet, or feet that just hurt, especially in heels!  I wear heels a lot, so Sofft is one of my standard brands for classic, wearable shoes.  I would wear flats a lot more if not for Sofft!  

A French bulldog is the perfect accessory for any outfit!  His name is Maxwell Edison, and he belongs to my cousin.  I think he leapt about two feet for the treat I had in my hand, and then he proceeded to walk out of the photo anyway!  Guess I’m just not much of a dog trainer, I never had much success with my dog either!

Banana Republic cardigan, LOFT belt, Anthropologie shirt, Ann Taylor skirt, Burberry scarf, Sofft shoes.  

Cardigan Part One: Daytime

10.19.10 – Tuesday – I Don’t Know Why It Is So Warm

This is the first time I’ve ever worn this cardigan with something other than pants and the first time I’ve ever worn it open.  I think I would definitely like it better with a belt, so I changed for night later and added one.  

My friend is convinced that the title of this post should be Springtime for Hitler (yeah she was in theatre) because it looks like spring and apparently my sweater is Nazi red.  Yeah, not really sure that I saw it either.  But speaking of Hitler and Nazis, I just started reading Mother Night by Kurt Vonnegut and and of course I’m totally obsessed.  I predict that I’ll probably finish the book by tomorrow.  I’ve read a lot of Vonnegut and even heard him speak — probably the best commencement speech ever!  

I’m messing with the blog layout again, and I may change the header.  I also enlarged the photos by 80 pixels and I’m finally using flickr for real!  Sorry about the mess though, it’s likely to continue all week.  

Banana Republic sweater, Anthropologie shirt, J. Crew skirt, Sofft shoes.  

Silk Bandages

10.1.10 – Friday Evening

So it was really cold (okay, it was only 60, but still really windy) when I took these last week.  I think you can totally tell how cold I was, I’m doing that little scrunch in, yet still try to retain my posture thing.  

I wore this later on Friday to the speakeasy with my friends where I think we ordered at least 9 appetizers — most of it was dinner for three out of five though.  And I had the best Sidecar of my life, with sugar on half the rim.  I was breaking in my new (vintage) Ferragamos from BriFoster on etsy.  They got here from Canada so fast!  Totally my new favorite shoes, although I wish they had a platform.  Maybe I can have the cobbler attach some?  I don’t know if that’s possible though, seems like an intense job!  

H&M sweater, Anthropologie shirt, LOFT skirt, J. Crew belt, Coach clutch, Salvatore Ferragamo shoes.  

P. S. Some last Toronto photos are here.  

Photos in the Morning?

9.27.2010 ~ Wednesday

I don’t often take photos in the morning, although I tried again last week.  I think I’ve figured out why I prefer the afternoon/night… the light is usually cooler in the morning (at least here) and I usually prefer my photos with a bit of a golden cast.  

This is a total repeat of something I wore in the spring, although I’ve always felt it was a really good fall look.  My hair is getting a little shaggy, I might have to take scissors to it myself!  I have fall weddings to attend, so I don’t want to get it cut yet just in case I think of actually doing something with it, although it’s so short in the back!  I have the saddest little ponytail ever (and only with the help of hairspray and bobby pins).  

I think it’s actually going to become fall soon!  Look at all the leaves on the ground!  

Anthropologie shirt and skirt, Charlotte Russe belt, Sofft shoes.  

Grey Flowers

8.26.10 ~ Thursday

I haven’t worn this shirt in a long time.  Actually, it’s more of a tunic and the bottom is very floaty but it’s under the skirt kind of acting like a slip!  

Short blogs this week.  I just don’t have much to say.  Maybe it’s the 95+ heat all week… it’s slowly melting my brain! 

Anthropologie shirt, J. Crew skirt, Charlotte Russe belt, Sofft platforms.  

Music Festival

8.11.2010 ~ Wednesday

Yes, I’m ridiculous, this is my idea of what to wear to a music festival.  I was both reasonably cool and comfortable in the intense night time humidity. I consider it a resounding success, especially as I was at least wearing a shirt (some people were not).

Also, does anyone know… are gladiators on their way out?  I haven’t worn these shoes all summer because I’ve been over them for a while although I’m still seeing them in stores.  

Anthropologie shirt, LOFT skirt, Clarks sandals (Japan, they sell much better ones there! i.e. I would love to have these clogs for walking shoes but they’re UK/Japan, not available in the US of course), LV pochette.  

P.S. Okay tumblr, why won’t the html to remove the image border work?  In fact, why does it not even save?  Grrrr…

Old Friends

8.9.2010 ~ Monday

Remember this?  I decided to resurrect it :)  I haven’t been feeling very creative lately, maybe because I’ve already started looking ahead to Fall 2010 but can’t seem to find any clothing I actually want to buy.  Hugely depressing.  I’m going to Canada in a month though so maybe I’ll find some inspiration there!  Bad thing though is that it will already really be fall by that time in the north.  Guess I’ll be wearing a lot of sweaters?  I don’t know if I can bring myself to dig out winter clothing so soon!  

Anthropologie shirt, J. Crew skirt, Charlotte Russe belt, Sofft platforms.  

Drape Day

8.6.2010 ~ Friday

Friends… I have something to tell you.  A tragedy occurred when I thought I could wear nude shoes and stand in the grass.  It’s too awful.  I lost my feet.  The grass was so long they just disappeared!  I’ve been missing them since Friday and it’s become really inconvenient.  Please tell me if you see them in there!  

I wore this to work on a very hot day!  Luckily I took these in the morning (shocking, I know, as I manage to wake up early enough to do that once every six months or so) when the heat hadn’t set in yet.  I like the light although I think I still prefer the afternoon.  Maybe because I’m actually awake by then, no guarantees for my mental state before noon/first shot of espresso (whichever comes first)!  

Loft shirt, Odille (Anthropologie) skirt, belt from Japan, Sofft platforms, J. Crew bangles. 

The Print

5.20.2010 Thursday

It was humid on Thursday!  So I opted for a summery dress.  This post was actually meant to test this dress as a possible guest of wedding look, but I’ve ordered the Aidan Mattox one so I won’t be considering this any more!  It is 100% silk and the ceremony is at 4:30 pm, otherwise I wouldn’t have considered it.

When I read the reviews on Anthropologie a lot of people noted that the top of the dress folds… and now I understand what they meant.  Maybe a good tailor can do something about that?  This dress also needs to be shortened three or four inches I think, and I’d like darts put in because the skirt is just so voluminous!

Multicolor print dress (Anthropologie), turquoise necklace (vintage), tan wedge sandals (Steve Madden).