Debut: Azur

5.15.10 (I think) 

I’m debuting my new wallet, a birthday gift from my cousin.  It’s called the Alexandra Wallet and is sadly named for a French explorer and not after me :)  I would love to use this as a clutch for evening but there is no way I’m getting an iPhone to stay in there.  

I’ve only worn this shirt twice and already it’s beginning to fall apart!  The woven fabric is literally unraveling by my arm.  Luckily it’s not too noticeable and I can mostly likely fix it without too much difficulty… I hope.  

I’ve been sitting on these photos a while wondering if I should reshoot this look.  As you can see, the elasticized waist of my shirt is visible in all the photos… I’ve inexplicably lost weight around my rib cage?  Meaning that this yellow skirt is becoming a little large on me now and kept sliding down throughout the day.  Ah well, it’s much more noticeable in the photos than it was in real life!

Blue shirt (Free People), yellow skirt (Odille – Anthropologie), gold belt (Shimamura, on one of many shopping excursions with my friends), gold shoes (Banana Republic).  

Purple Clouds

5.10.2010 Monday

The pattern on this shirt reminds me of stylized clouds in Japanese art.  My cousins got it for me for my birthday, it’s from Anthropologie though I forget the label and it’s downstairs drying right now.  

Looking a little dead… these were taken directly after the weekend in Atlantic City.  

And thank you everyone for the birthday wishes!!!

Grey leopard cardigan (Old Navy), yellow and purple shirt (Anthropologie), brown belt (Charlotte Russe), brown skirt (J. Crew), nude pumps (Sofft).