Cardigan Part Two: Night

10.19.10 – Tuesday – Maybe I Should Have Worn Stockings

I added a belt!  And I think I like this sweater better over a straighter skirt, it’s a cleaner line.  I’m wearing my new black Sofft pumps from zappos.  I wear a lot of comfort shoes because I have problem feet from ten years of ballet when I was younger.  I have extremely high arches and my right foot is significantly wider than my left at the toes.  I suspect broken toes that I never got checked (can’t do anything anyway) but it could just be some kind of anomaly.  Anyway, I highly recommend Sofft for problem feet, or feet that just hurt, especially in heels!  I wear heels a lot, so Sofft is one of my standard brands for classic, wearable shoes.  I would wear flats a lot more if not for Sofft!  

A French bulldog is the perfect accessory for any outfit!  His name is Maxwell Edison, and he belongs to my cousin.  I think he leapt about two feet for the treat I had in my hand, and then he proceeded to walk out of the photo anyway!  Guess I’m just not much of a dog trainer, I never had much success with my dog either!

Banana Republic cardigan, LOFT belt, Anthropologie shirt, Ann Taylor skirt, Burberry scarf, Sofft shoes.  

Cardigan Part One: Daytime

10.19.10 – Tuesday – I Don’t Know Why It Is So Warm

This is the first time I’ve ever worn this cardigan with something other than pants and the first time I’ve ever worn it open.  I think I would definitely like it better with a belt, so I changed for night later and added one.  

My friend is convinced that the title of this post should be Springtime for Hitler (yeah she was in theatre) because it looks like spring and apparently my sweater is Nazi red.  Yeah, not really sure that I saw it either.  But speaking of Hitler and Nazis, I just started reading Mother Night by Kurt Vonnegut and and of course I’m totally obsessed.  I predict that I’ll probably finish the book by tomorrow.  I’ve read a lot of Vonnegut and even heard him speak — probably the best commencement speech ever!  

I’m messing with the blog layout again, and I may change the header.  I also enlarged the photos by 80 pixels and I’m finally using flickr for real!  Sorry about the mess though, it’s likely to continue all week.  

Banana Republic sweater, Anthropologie shirt, J. Crew skirt, Sofft shoes.  

Slightly Tough Polka Dots

8.18.10 ~ Wednesday

I totally forgot how much I love headbands and hair accessories until last Wednesday when my hair was just a mess!  I was frantically spraying, back combing, and generally flinging it around until I spied my J. Crew headband collection (only one headband I own is not from J. Crew… and it’s from Banana Republic).  Saved!  I haven’t worn hair accessories a lot since I was in college and let my hair go curly much more often.  Headbands were quick and easy curl tamers back then!  

Also, my seasonal allergies are terrible right now — that’s why my eyes actually look like two pieces of coal!  Hope I’m not freaking you out with my scary black eyes!  

Banana Republic shirt, Emmelee for Francesca’s Collections skirt, Forever 21 belt, Anne Klein shoes, J. Crew headband.  

Pattern Mixing, or Polka Dots Again

7.27.2010 ~ Tuesday

My shirt actually has a small polka dot pattern but I forgot to get a closer photo of it, just like I’ve forgotten to get a close-up the past four or five times I’ve worn it!  I’m really not good at those detail shots.  

If you haven’t already heard, Banana Republic is having a really excellent sale, 30% off!  It used to be one of my favorite stores but since they redid their sizing (I don’t care if corporate never said anything, not a single thing fits me any more) I haven’t been able to buy anything there and I don’t even go to the store any more.  My favorite suit is from Banana Republic but it looks like I won’t be able to get any more there :(  I think everything is cut for a curvier figure now, so if that’s you run over to the store/website! 

Banana Republic shirt, J. Crew skirt, J. Crew ribbon belt, Sofft shoes.  

Casual Blues

5.16.2010 Sunday

Denim?  Neverrrrrrr!  Okay, well I do sometimes wear denim, though by now you probably know I don’t have a particular fondness for pants.  They’re just not terribly flattering on me :P  

This is my attempt at boyfriend, except these are slouchy skinny jeans.  I think they’re supposed to look like this on regular-sized people but I’m a petite so they look more like boyfriend.  So imagine what boyfriend jeans look like on me — not too good.  I can’t wear boyfriend shorts either.  I love them… on other people!  I don’t always always follow style rules though!  I just bought that pink Aidan Mattox floor length gown, a length that is generally the cardinal sin of petite dressing.  I’m wearing it to a black tie optional gala at which all the men wear tuxedos anyway (I saw last year’s photos), and an outdoor wedding later in June so I feel like it was a good choice! 

Navy blouse (Ann Taylor Loft, huge sale going on now), black belt (Forever 21), slouchy skinny jeans (Banana Republic), nude pumps (Sofft), gunmetal chain bracelet (b-side by ken and dana). 

Debut: Azur

5.15.10 (I think) 

I’m debuting my new wallet, a birthday gift from my cousin.  It’s called the Alexandra Wallet and is sadly named for a French explorer and not after me :)  I would love to use this as a clutch for evening but there is no way I’m getting an iPhone to stay in there.  

I’ve only worn this shirt twice and already it’s beginning to fall apart!  The woven fabric is literally unraveling by my arm.  Luckily it’s not too noticeable and I can mostly likely fix it without too much difficulty… I hope.  

I’ve been sitting on these photos a while wondering if I should reshoot this look.  As you can see, the elasticized waist of my shirt is visible in all the photos… I’ve inexplicably lost weight around my rib cage?  Meaning that this yellow skirt is becoming a little large on me now and kept sliding down throughout the day.  Ah well, it’s much more noticeable in the photos than it was in real life!

Blue shirt (Free People), yellow skirt (Odille – Anthropologie), gold belt (Shimamura, on one of many shopping excursions with my friends), gold shoes (Banana Republic).  

Dress Up… Sort of

4.24.2010 Saturday

These are from a week ago when I went to my sorority’s alumnae gala.  We were celebrating 25 years at the university.  It was great to have so many of us back together again!  A lot of us are spread out and don’t have a chance to see each other much any more. 

I should have thought to wear my pin — bad!  But thankfully I wasn’t the only one.  I got this dress last year in Willemstad, Curaçao in the Netherlands Antilles.  It’s by an independent designer from Indonesia.  I really loved the store but prices were out of control so I only got this one dress. 

From Curaçao dress, Banana Republic sandals.