Bronx Academy of Letters Benefit 2013 | Events

A whiskey-based cocktail made by Please Don’t Tell at the Bronx Letters 10th Anniversary Benefit.

If you can attend only one charity event throughout the entire year (and are also prepared to eat a lot of meat), you should make it the Bronx Academy of Letters Benefit. Tickets aren’t inexpensive, but the range of good food from so many good restaurants is staggering.

The benefit got me eating things I don’t even like, and taking chances on others. I ate roe, and I haven’t touched it since I left Japan in 2008. I gobbled down most of a piece of pizza from Roberta’s… and I’m lactose intolerant. Interestingly I was fine, meaning their mozzarella is made seriously right. Wasn’t about to try my luck with any of the dishes made with ricotta, though.  

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Mexico Wedding Photo Diary Part Two

A side trip to Tulum involving Mayan ruins and aquamarine ocean that must be part of some secret blanket Photoshop program that affects everyone within a mile of the coast. Clearly no water can actually be that color.

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FNO Photo Diary

Outside Saks, destination #2 of the night. I briefly stopped at Henri Bendel, which was far too crowded. Nothing too special about this outfit, just one of my standard monochrome creations. I love this skirt and probably wear it too much. One day it’s just going to completely fall apart. …

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Reasons to Love New York: Pier 1, Brooklyn Bridge Park

Dear Mia,

There are so many great things to do in New York, including free things like wandering around Brooklyn Bridge Park. This is Pier 1, an area of the park with an incredible view of the Financial District. I love skyscrapers. There are a few restaurants I’ve always wanted to eat at just because of the view from the pier, and one day I’m going to take the ferry back to Manhattan because I’m sure it’s an interesting experience. I’ve never taken the ferry in New York before.

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Blogger Meetup: Simone East Village

Dear Lydia,

I know I definitely don’t have to tell you that blogger meetups are the best, right? We always have so much fun together. Kimberlee, Nnenna, Luz, Jamillah and I decided to try to have them every month. Since I’m a member of Connecticut Bloggers without actually living in Connecticut, you can totally be a member of our little untitled blogger group and come to our next party time meeting.

The non-crazies did not come outside and stand in the street for photos– which I may or may have not made Nnenna do… with promises to yell if any cars were coming, I swear. Somehow I didn’t get any photos of Luz, but all the photos in this post were taken by Luz, Nnenna, or me. …

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MomTrends + Tide Coldwater Party

I spent a steamy Wednesday evening on a rooftop in DUMBO. MomTrends and Tide Coldwater put together an intimate soirée for New York bloggers. I got the opportunity to connect with bloggers I’d never met before and learn about pomme and Brooklyn Industries, two local clothing retailers.

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