The Building Without a Roof

Dear Christine,

I’m not sure what this building is called, but it’s empty and parts of it are usually blocked off. A lot of photoshoots happen inside anyway. I’d love to stand in one of those windows and get a photo, or at least center myself under one of the arches (which I completely failed to do in any of my photos). I kept losing track of where I was standing. The area around here is actually very busy, people walking or biking back and forth constantly. I’m sure all of them were wondering what the freak in the leopard dress was doing. …

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Water Front is Actually a Spa

Dear Lydia,

Lately my weeks have been jammed with social engagements… which really is how I like them. Might as well make the most of the late sunsets and warm weather. Over the weekend, members of the Blogger Social Club got together to celebrate Kim’s blogiversary for I Have a Degree in This!. We had brunch at Lil’ Frankie’s, which was not at all what I was expecting. I loved the exposed brick and slightly Victorian-looking décor. …

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Leopard Dress and a Bucket List Cross Off

Dear Katha,

I don’t have an official New York bucket list– although I think I should definitely make one so I don’t forget anything. I’ve been wanting to go to Penelope for the longest time, and I finally did! Penelope doesn’t take reservations so it can be practically impossible to get in. Early dinner was a good time to go. I had the fish and chips, which were totally amazing. The brunch menu looks excellent, too, but I’ve heard the wait can be more than an hour. Way too long for me.

I love exploring new places– do you have any recommendations for things to do in New York?

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