Mexico Wedding Photo Diary Part Two

A side trip to Tulum involving Mayan ruins and aquamarine ocean that must be part of some secret blanket Photoshop program that affects everyone within a mile of the coast. Clearly no water can actually be that color.

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Vintage and Vintage-Inspired

Dear Dotty,

Of course, right after I took these photos the sun came out. Story of my photography life. I’ve been in a bit of a vintagey mood lately and wanting to wear big skirts all the time. The ones that come right to my knees are so much easier to wear than my miniskirts.

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Sun Showers | Alexander Wang & Cole Haan

Dear Katha,

I don’t know if you’ve noticed or not, but the weather’s doing something crazy in these photos. They’re actually from before Memorial Day when it was constantly storming and I thought mid-Atlantic was about to become the tropics. This Alexander Wang dress is great during humid and rainy weather. The jersey breathes well and tends to dry quickly unless totally and completely soaked. And when it rains, black is always a better choice than white! …

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