Independence Day Weekend Photo Diary

fashion blogger in anthropologie tropicalia maxi dress

Dear Laura,

I hope you had a nice weekend! Usually I leave the city for other pastures, this year a tiny beach town.

I wore my crazy maxi dress on July 4th because the pattern actually reminds me of fireworks. What do you think? Festive? I usually wear blue and white on Independence Day along with my brightest red lipstick. It was both hot and extremely windy on the 4th, so this is my only halfway decent photo. My hair is blowing around like crazy!

I carried my 5D around a lot over the weekend, so I took a ton of photos. Lately I haven’t been taking so many (or tagging my camera along) and I think I may have actually been suffering from withdrawal. Need to remember to take more photos! 

purple and white flowers with american flags int he background
beach essentials j.crew flip flops and electronics
espresso martini, comes with an iced espresso shot, mix it yourself
wearing the anthropologie tropicalia dress after dinner with cafe lights in the background
american flag with bokeh from the lights
flowers and the sky  
flowers growing on a fence
boats at the docks  
coral cove boutique sign
boutique storefront with dresses and accessorites
town decorated for independence day


      • says

        Yes, I was in two different towns for fourth of july, than my sister’s birthday, than bf’s friend friend to the Philadelphia Zoo since he had never gone, than down to the Jersey shore. Was a crazy eventful weekend lol.

        Yours looks like it was a great time!

        My issue is always which camera to bring. Phone, Point and shoot or DSLR. Sometimes I’ll take lower quality over carrying the camera all day.

  1. says

    I know it’s always such a dilemma – carry the big camera and take photos, or leave it at home and miss out on some potentially great photos.

    I love this maxi dress – i haven’t worn any of mine lately because it’s just been so hot!