Beach Weekend


Dear Mia,

I hope you’re having a fantastic summer! The past few days have been very hot, and today was exceptionally rainy. It’s been very nice lately, though, so I can’t complain.

Summer is supposed to be a time for a bit of relaxation, but it seems as if there’s always so much to do.  Run here, run there… I’m consciously trying to plan the next few months so that I’m not even more worn out by the end of September. I think I need the rest.

The next few photos are from a beach trip. And may or may not include a puppy.


Sea glass! Sea glass is becoming extinct.

photo 2

I had a visitor at the beach.


New dog!

photo 1

There’s always time for a margarita.

photo 3

Some people go kayaking at the beach. I like to design software.

photo 4

A very excellent chicken salad sandwich with fried brussels sprouts.

photo 5

The blue hour.