Mexico Wedding Photo Diary Part One

All photos of me in this post were taken by my dear friend Mike.

Everyone eats hibachi in Mexico, right?

My friend Dechen, one of the few people from real life that read this blog.

They take bar decor really seriously.

butter LONDON’s Wallis and some rings.

Forever 21 dress | Twelfth Street by Cynthia Vincent shoes | AMY O. Jewelry necklace and rings | Ippolita Wicked ring | vintage cuff

…blame it on the tequila.


    • says

      It was pretty nice! I think my favorite way to travel is somewhere hot in the winter and somewhere cold in the summer. Went to Ireland in August once when it was 100 degrees for weeks here… never been happier to have 60 degree weather!

  1. silvrgurl says

    You look like you are having such a fun time
    Love your outfit
    Husband and I went to a wedding in Mexico about 5 years ago
    Too much fun