Vintage and Vintage-Inspired

Dear Dotty,

Of course, right after I took these photos the sun came out. Story of my photography life. I’ve been in a bit of a vintagey mood lately and wanting to wear big skirts all the time. The ones that come right to my knees are so much easier to wear than my miniskirts.

Though most of these pieces are current, I did add in a few vintage ones like the jacket and jewelry.


Anthropologie Plaited Illusion Cardi | J.Crew shirt (old) | Girls from Savoy/Anthropologie Mountain Time A-Line skirt | Cole Haan Air Tali 40 Wedges | vintage jacket (thanks L.O.!) and necklace


  1. Mia says

    Whoaaaa, I love how the tails of the cardigan interact with the chevron on the skirt. Rad! The blue top + red lips ain’t half bad, neither.

  2. says

    I love that skirt, Alex! and goodness, that cardigan is soooo drool-worthy! I love the back details! I actually think these photos are perfect!

  3. says

    It’s our skirt again!!! =D I love it. I can’t wait to rediscover it when I unpack everything!

    You look beautiful! I love this outfit. It’s so classic… and classy!

  4. bravoerunway says

    I love that cardigan, the design in the back with the lace up is gorgeous. I also love the skirt, Alex you have a lot of great pieces in your closet! I had some terribly strong sunshine this weekend which was awful for photos. I tried to take pictures without sunnies and it was hard and I blinked/squinted alot.

    • says

      Oh, if I’m in direct sunlight then forget it– the sunglasses stay on. Either that or you have to do the 3-2-1 countdown: 3-2-1 open your eyes as wide as you can for the photo! Except with that you’ll be seeing stars afterwards.

  5. says

    I love how you’ve got this subtle chevron design element on each of the pieces, and that skirt is so very pretty.

    And i hate it when the sun starts playing mind games with me and my photography.

    • says

      This outfit was basically a huge mess of chevrons. I think I wore every chevron piece in my closet, except for a different blue shirt I have… but wearing two shirts probably would have been awkward, haha.