Into the Woods

Dear Christine,

Fall!  This is a pretty season, although less so than last year. Less warm, too. I’m trying to do no tights until November and I think I might actually make it. Really feel like I am exhausting my transitional pieces though… I don’t have too many separates and have always thought that fall outerwear can be tricky. …

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Vintage and Vintage-Inspired

Dear Dotty,

Of course, right after I took these photos the sun came out. Story of my photography life. I’ve been in a bit of a vintagey mood lately and wanting to wear big skirts all the time. The ones that come right to my knees are so much easier to wear than my miniskirts.

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Before and After Madewell

Dear Lydia,

If you’ve seen my Instagram or Twitter lately, you know that Nnenna and I attended one of the Madewell Style Sessions last week. We planned on a little primping at the Refinery29 Beauty on Wheels event, but when we got there they were no longer accepting people for makeovers. We headed to MAC instead, where we tried some fabulous lip colors, then on to Madewell. Madewell was fun (sweet treats, drinks, and discounts!), and we tried on a lot of things but neither of us bought anything. I’d love to buy shorts for summer, but Madewell and J.Crew bottoms tend to be cut too curvy for me. And no tailor I know will agree to take denim in through the hip.

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