Vintage and Vintage-Inspired

Dear Dotty,

Of course, right after I took these photos the sun came out. Story of my photography life. I’ve been in a bit of a vintagey mood lately and wanting to wear big skirts all the time. The ones that come right to my knees are so much easier to wear than my miniskirts.

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The Last Yellow Leaves in New York

Dear Nnenna,

It was such a crazily windy day, even sheltered by the apartments in Stuyvesant Town. I can’t believe there are still leaves on the trees in this neighborhood! And I found a late-blooming rose, too.

My hair and my H&M dress were blowing all over the place. This is my new Target belt, too, and the Born boots, Longchamp tote, and J.Crew coat you’ve seen a million times now.

Happy Christmas Eve! I hope all your Christmas wishes come true.


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