The Yellow Room

Identifying rooms by color always reminds me of the pediatrician.  I was actually almost always directed to the yellow room during my visits.

It was an extremely overcast day and I didn’t like the light outside, so I decided to try for indoor photos.  I haven’t taken them in this area in at least two years (back then this was actually the eggshell room).  They came out better indoors than out although there’s a significant amount of noise.  Don’t look too closely… very very grainy.  Although the softer focus is kind of nice.

Sorry for no post yesterday.  I didn’t get to write one until about midnight.  Also, much reading of blogs will occur tomorrow!


  1. says

    I think the yellow room is lovely!
    I used to be big on ‘the red room’ for my photos, but now i’ve been forcing my butt outdoors even in the rain, like a crazy person.

    I really like the mustard with the wine color (have I done this combo? cant remember. i’ll have to go check)