Adventures in Calypso St. Barth (for Target)

Post-bridal shower on Sunday I found myself doing a bit of running around… and exploring the Calypso St. Barth for Target line.

First impression: really disappointed in the fabric quality.  And in my horrific nails, just ignore those.

I almost bought this dress… it’s actually pajamas.  I thought it might make a nice summer dress alone or with a wide belt (the waistband isn’t so nice looking, see below).

I really like the lace up top and along the hems (lined so it’s not sheer!), but I’m positive the dress looked more nightgowny once it was on me than it did on the rack.  I’ll consider buying it again though if there are any left on sale later on.  If all else fails it can be a really nice swimsuit coverup.

In my opinion this maxi is the best piece in the collection.  Unfortunately the waistband on the size 8 I originally had on sat more than halfway on top of my bra.  Not a really good look.  I’m wearing a 12 in the photo and it still barely fit in the chest.  Le sigh.  So so so sad.  I wanted this dress very badly.

I checked out the swimwear too but I expected it to look a little more Calypso and a little less generic.   The green suit is my favorite of the bunch.  I like the pattern and the beading is definitely a Calypso touch.

Not everything in the collection was available in my store (boooo) but you can see everything online.  I’m disappointed that I didn’t see any of the elephant tea pots.  I don’t know if my Target never got them or if they were just snatched up really quickly.

Did you get anything from Calypso for Target?


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    Sorry I’ve been such a bad blogging friend lately! This week has been absolute insanity at school.

    Anyhoo, I really, really love that maxi dress on you! That’s too bad about the overall quality of the fabric, though; I was really looking forward to seeing what great things they had!

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    I havent seen it in person, but the elephant teapots were by far the cutest things in the collection.

    I can’t stand tops and dresses with empire seams and cups cut for tiny breasts only. Bane of my existence. Maybe if it goes on clearance you can get it and turn it into a skirt.

    The white nightie is actually pretty cute – is it actually comfortable enough to sleep in?

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      My friend found the elephant tea pots yessssssss! Apparently no one wanted them in Miami?

      I think the nightgown is okay for sleeping, the fabric is pretty delicate. The straps are adjustable too and the elastic at the waist is soft and doesn’t dig.