Anthropologie Patterns & White Marc Jacobs Skirt

summery anthropologie shirt and white marc jacobs skirt
Dear Christine,

I really liked the colors in this outfit when I put it together. It’s not quite perfect though as I think the proportions are just a little bit off. This Marc Jacobs skirt is a lot of fun because it’s very swishy, but it seriously has a lot of fabric. I’m considering having it altered a bit because the fabric is like… just so much.

I’ve been considering having a lot more of my clothing altered lately. I dislike things that are too tight, so I often buy the next size up and it ends up being too loose… and then I just end up with a lot of clothing that sort of fits but not really.

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Anthropologie Mural Maxi Dress at Sunset | Outfits

colorful maxi dress and rebecca minkoff mac

Dear Lydia,

I go for color much more during the summer than any other time of year. Lately I’ve also been picking up geometric patterns. After seeing some fantastic Suno dresses earlier in the season I guess I just have prints on my mind.

This dress is a lot different than anything I have right now and not typical of anything I would usually wear in both its pattern and shape. I’m enjoying wearing it, though. Next time I think I’ll try it with accessories that have more of a tropical feel. …

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Summer Silk Paisley in Times Square | Outfits


Dear Kelsey,

Despite the freezing spring, we’ve had quite a few scorchers already. You can usually tell how hot it is by the size of my hair, which is out of control. I tried a new hair product that actually gave me really nice, defined curls… right up until I went out for the day. Keratin and a cut are in my future. …

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