Earlier this spring, Milly did a collection for Kohl’s and while I looked, I didn’t order anything when it launched. However, I ended up at a Kohl’s a few months later and picked up this dress on super sale. It was 50 or 60% off, a good find for something from a collaboration.

It’s been so long that this dress is no longer available at Kohl’s. However, it does pop up on eBay fairly frequently.

In retrospect, I do wish I had worn a belt. It’s okay without one, but the waist seam is really visible on me. Even a thin belt would have covered it.



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    I love the print on this dress! I remember thinking that the Milly x Kohl’s collection was really cute when it came out, but I didn’t pick anything up!

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      I liked the collection, too, but I thought it was a little pricey. Somehow Kohl’s collaborations always end up at higher price points than Target’s do (or at least I think they do). Getting this dress on sale was the best was to get it!

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    I don’t think the waist seam is particularly noticeable, but this would definitely look great with belts in so many different colors–ooh, like turquoise. I’m still a little confused by neoprene clothing, but I can’t argue with the way it looks!

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      I have a turquoise belt that I almost wore with this dress! This is my first neoprene piece of clothing and I really like it. The thicker fabric makes it drape nicely. Of course, it’s a very lightweight neoprene. It’s probably a pretty fine gauge, because some of the neoprene I’ve seen feels like a wetsuit!

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      I wear floral a lot, even in the winter! These sandals are my favorite summer shoes. I found them at a consignment years ago and they’ve been worn so much I had to have them resoled.

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      I think this dress was originally around $60, and I got it for $29.99 or something really similar. I wouldn’t have purchased it at full retail, but I’m very glad I got it on super sale!