Anthropologie Patterns & White Marc Jacobs Skirt

summery anthropologie shirt and white marc jacobs skirt
Dear Christine,

I really liked the colors in this outfit when I put it together. It’s not quite perfect though as I think the proportions are just a little bit off. This Marc Jacobs skirt is a lot of fun because it’s very swishy, but it seriously has a lot of fabric. I’m considering having it altered a bit because the fabric is like… just so much.

I’ve been considering having a lot more of my clothing altered lately. I dislike things that are too tight, so I often buy the next size up and it ends up being too loose… and then I just end up with a lot of clothing that sort of fits but not really.

white marc jacobs skirt with prada saffiano leather sandals and coach bag
Anthropologie shirt (old) | Marc Jacobs skirt (similar at ModCloth) | Charlotte Russe belt | Prada sandals (similar in black) | Coach Legacy Molly Satchel in Black Cherry (similar) | photos: Fancy Francy

My favorite new sandals strike again! You won’t be seeing them for a while though as I’m going to have something done about the bottoms. They’re insanely slippery and I don’t want to fall down the stairs. I think I’ll be taking them in for half soles, or whatever you call it when you have a strip of leather on the bottom replaced with rubber sole. Then I won’t have to worry so much on tile floors or in the rain.


P.S. These photos were taken by my friend Francisca. You can visit her blog at Fancy Francy.
fancy francy


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    Love the dress and the belt gives in a lovely shape. Try the littel appliques from Payless for your shoes: they stick to the bottom and give a non slip texture, it is a cheap and effective fix, i do it to all of my shoes that are slippery! I like the way you mix the your clothing slements!
    XX, Elle

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    I love a nice white skirt! I know how you feel about not wanting things too tight and then ending up with things which are just too big. and just clothes not looking the way you want them too! So frustrating. Hope you get to wear this skirt a lot more this summer though, it’s so pretty!