Geometric Neutrals

Dear Christine,

On Friday night my friends and I went to Lucky Strike for an early birthday celebration. We ate a lot of steak and fries (they’re so good at Lucky Strike) and had some fun with my film camera, as you saw. I wore a new matty m dress from Darling in the West Village. It’s a fantastic dress shop and the sales are good, too. This dress was 60% off and 100% silk– had to get it. It’s very lightweight so I can see it taking me through summer, then hopefully fall and winter with layers and some good tights.

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What is Going On? I Don’t Know

So guess who went to Canada and came back a hipster?

Oh right, that would be me.  Okay, not really, I just got some oxfords.   And started actually using the long shoulder strap on my bag.  But anyway, the shoes: 

Really?  Oxfords?  Me?  They’re… flat (should I have gotten the heels?), and they’re… flat.  Not even a hidden wedge.  I mean, I guess I should try to be kinder to my feet or I’ll be having surgery at 25.  But I won’t say they’re not a touch uncharacteristic.  I don’t even know what to wear them with.  Floaty dresses?  Vintage dresses?  Shorts?  Maybe some black skinny jeans (too hipster on me?).  Full skirts?  Tights, definitely tights!  And what about socks?  

Okay, I need help.  But really, the seafoam socks I tried these on with looked really good although they kind of took me back to my Catholic school days — not exactly the look I was going for!  What would you wear them with?

JC Penney juniors (must stop shopping in juniors, I know, too old, but it was last winter!), LOFT shorts, Marc by Marc Jacbos bag, Cole Haan oxfords.  

Of the Moment

9.1.10 ~ Wednesday ~ Fall is Falling

For the first day of September (okay, so it’s not really fall), I wanted to try out one of the big trends of the season.  Neutrals are at the top of my list — and probably about everyone else’s too — for fall fashion, although recently I’ve been buying black and hot pink (oops).  I don’t have a lot of neutral clothing, so this is experimental but I think it came out decently!  I’m not sure if the skirt is actually a neutral, it’s some kind of odd purple/grey color and I have no idea what to really call it.  If you’ve been to loft recently you’ve probably seen it, they used it for skirts, shorts, and a jacket.  

Hmmm maybe next time I’ll swap out the bag for something else, brown or gold probably!  

Also, has anyone ever been to an international film festival?  I have a feeling I’m going to be packing day and night looks for every single day…  I wonder what the temperature is in Toronto right now?  

LOFT shirt, LOFT skirt, belt from Japan, Sofft platforms, Marc by Marc Jacbos bag.