Geometric Neutrals

Dear Christine,

On Friday night my friends and I went to Lucky Strike for an early birthday celebration. We ate a lot of steak and fries (they’re so good at Lucky Strike) and had some fun with my film camera, as you saw. I wore a new matty m dress from Darling in the West Village. It’s a fantastic dress shop and the sales are good, too. This dress was 60% off and 100% silk– had to get it. It’s very lightweight so I can see it taking me through summer, then hopefully fall and winter with layers and some good tights.
Also, this happened:

What are you doing in my frame? hahaha.

This is not a new bag, it’s one I’ve swapped with Laura (second photo left) for a season or two for my old Marc Jacobs bag. It’s so old I don’t even have a photo of it, and I haven’t carried it in forever so someone should definitely get to enjoy it.

Hope you had an awesome weekend!


Ann Taylor blazer | matty m Geometric Stripe Print Dress | J. Crew belt | Ann Taylor snakeskin pumps | Marc by Marc Jacobs bag


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    That dress is awesome. It really will be the perfect summer dress. What a great purchase! Oh, and the swap idea is such a good idea. I might have to try that with some of my college friends . . . although it will probably be more of a permanent swap. :D

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    Love this dress on you. The pattern is so cool. My friends and I do not buy purses that are nice enough to justify swapping for a season but that is such a great idea! Love the big black bag!

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      You guys could totally swap any bag, it’s fun just to change things up! Or… you could swap dresses? I’m thinking about doing that one of these days. Maybe with another blogger :)

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    I love that dress, Alex. And on sale for 60% off? OH MY GOLLIES. I love the print and the color of the fabric. I’ve been wanting some kind of geometrical print dress, but I just haven’t had the luck to find one yet. And now of course, I am envious. totes envious.