What is Going On? I Don’t Know

So guess who went to Canada and came back a hipster?

Oh right, that would be me.  Okay, not really, I just got some oxfords.   And started actually using the long shoulder strap on my bag.  But anyway, the shoes: 

Really?  Oxfords?  Me?  They’re… flat (should I have gotten the heels?), and they’re… flat.  Not even a hidden wedge.  I mean, I guess I should try to be kinder to my feet or I’ll be having surgery at 25.  But I won’t say they’re not a touch uncharacteristic.  I don’t even know what to wear them with.  Floaty dresses?  Vintage dresses?  Shorts?  Maybe some black skinny jeans (too hipster on me?).  Full skirts?  Tights, definitely tights!  And what about socks?  

Okay, I need help.  But really, the seafoam socks I tried these on with looked really good although they kind of took me back to my Catholic school days — not exactly the look I was going for!  What would you wear them with?

JC Penney juniors (must stop shopping in juniors, I know, too old, but it was last winter!), LOFT shorts, Marc by Marc Jacbos bag, Cole Haan oxfords.