Arts and Accessories Adventures

On Saturday I saw Savage Beauty at the Met… and I completely understand the idea behind Met Mondays now and paying extra to see the exhibit. Wish I would have done it. We bypassed the line and inside it was insanely crowded, like more crowded than any exhibit/piece I’ve seen in any museum ever. I’m glad I went, although I wanted to read all the little blurbs couldn’t get close enough. I’m familiar with McQueen’s work but there really is something to being so close to a look that you could lift your hand and feel the fabric.


(images via

My favorite pieces from the exhibition. The ensemble on the right is the one I wish I could have touched. And I’ve been obsessed with the tartan dress ever since Sarah Jessica Parker wore it to the Met years ago.

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New York Shopping Photos

Hello, friends! I hope you enjoyed the guest posts from some of my favorite bloggers (thanks guys!). My friend and I had such a fun time on vacation. She was visiting from California so we did a few semi-touristy things (Central Park, rooftop bar, etc.) but mostly a lot of shopping and dining at some new and old favorite restaurants. I left the Canon behind and didn’t take a single photo of myself, but I did take photos at some of my favorite stores, hope you like them!

Kate Spade Flatiron

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Adventures in Calypso St. Barth (for Target)

Post-bridal shower on Sunday I found myself doing a bit of running around… and exploring the Calypso St. Barth for Target line.

First impression: really disappointed in the fabric quality.  And in my horrific nails, just ignore those.

I almost bought this dress… it’s actually pajamas.  I thought it might make a nice summer dress alone or with a wide belt (the waistband isn’t so nice looking, see below).

I really like the lace up top and along the hems (lined so it’s not sheer!), but I’m positive the dress looked more nightgowny once it was on me than it did on the rack.  I’ll consider buying it again though if there are any left on sale later on.  If all else fails it can be a really nice swimsuit coverup.

In my opinion this maxi is the best piece in the collection.  Unfortunately the waistband on the size 8 I originally had on sat more than halfway on top of my bra.  Not a really good look.  I’m wearing a 12 in the photo and it still barely fit in the chest.  Le sigh.  So so so sad.  I wanted this dress very badly.

I checked out the swimwear too but I expected it to look a little more Calypso and a little less generic.   The green suit is my favorite of the bunch.  I like the pattern and the beading is definitely a Calypso touch.

Not everything in the collection was available in my store (boooo) but you can see everything online.  I’m disappointed that I didn’t see any of the elephant tea pots.  I don’t know if my Target never got them or if they were just snatched up really quickly.

Did you get anything from Calypso for Target?

Pay It Forward

Back at the beginning of March I spied this delightful little offer on Chic on the Cheap:

I was one of the first five to comment on Lydia’s blog so now I’m passing this offer on to you.  The first five people to comment on this post will receive something handmade by me!  Remember you have to make something for five more people too.

I promise you’ll get something cool!  And soon, I’ve already decided on my five something handmades!

Announcing Black and White Week!

A little while ago, Lydia of Chic on the Cheap and I discovered we had something in common– a love of black and white photos!  For this reason we decided to devote an entire week to posting our photos in black and white.  Join us if you love black and white photography too!

Black and White Week officially starts on Monday, March 21st (but if you post on the weekend feel free to start then too)!

I Use My Youth Blood To Get Through The Night

Yesterday I said I was getting together my FBFF nominations… and I tried, really, but I ran out of time/have no idea who to nominate for half of them (I don’t follow anyone in half the categories listed and I really wanted my list to include all FBFF bloggers too…maybe next time).  So I’ll share this post instead, it’s been sitting in the queue waiting for me to set it free.

What I would really like to do at my internship is play with jewelry all day, but I have far too much to do and usually find myself randomly grabbing pieces to borrow just before I run out at the end of the day.  I took all of these photographs for blog posts too, haven’t done much fun photography yet (who knew product photos were so difficult?).  I need to get my schedule together.  I feel like I’m always up half the night now and I would really like it if the Universe could decide to suddenly make days on Earth longer.  That would be fantastic!

Happy weekend, everyone!  I have a fun post coming up for next week.  I was recently given my first blog award by Shenneth (thank you!) and I’m digging up my high school past for it.  And I know you all want to see that.  And find out some previously unrevealed facts about my mysterious self.



My Favorite Look of NYFW F/W 11

Just realized that I really said nothing about NYFW this season, and while I usually don’t post tons of looks from the runway I almost always say something.  I do like to look at what’s on the runway although I am definitely still catching up on a lot of shows (I seriously don’t know how some people do it, there are so many).

I liked Marc Jacobs (who ever doesn’t) and adored Alexander Wang (also who doesn’t, but I actually have some amazingness from that line)… but by far my favorite look from the runway is the fuchsia Jenni Kayne.  I haven’t paid much attention to her in the past — by much attention I mean I noticed she was on Shopbop — but she’s definitely on my radar now.  I know this was one of the most visible images early on but it just stuck with me throughout the week.  And that rarely happens.

I totally want a head-to-toe fuchsia look for fall.