Evening Journeys

December 2, 2011
Dear Caitlin,

So what else have I been doing lately? Trying to refine my low light photography (I’ll let you know if I ever create a decent formula) and playing with Camera+ on my iPhone 4S. So glad I upgraded my phone instead of getting a new point-and-shoot. The phone was cheaper! And it’s far more useful than just another camera.

I’m wearing my new Simply Vera by Vera Wang for Kohl’s jacket (I’ve been hunting this thing for a month), American Apparel shirt, J.Crew skirt, Assets by Sara Blakely tights, and Born boots.


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      I like it too, although I don’t like some of the prices… Kohl’s here is just not that good with discounts, and I think it’s not that way in a lot of other places. The best price on Simply Vera cardigans here is $44 :( And don’t even get me started on the Lauren Conrad line. 

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      I paid extra attention to positioning myself and probably looked really silly to anyone watching. If only there weren’t so many objects blocking my view of the sun! I’m still hunting for a better location to shoot golden hour photos from.